JOAN SOCO (Editors Note: This column should have appeared weeks ago but did not because it fell through the cracks of our otherwise excellent email system. Our apologies to Ms. Soco and her followers.)

DAVAO CITY — Hi, everyone! Im back and I have here with me the juiciest and latest happening in town!

Davao shines more than ever as the world renowned fashion designer, Toni Galang brought forth glamour through his designs and couture. Toni Galang 06 marked a major event at Marco Polo Hotel last July 27, 2006. The event showcased Tonis Black and White, Gold, and Bridal collection. The various collections were worn by Davao models (including yours truly), Bb. Pilipinas-World Marina Benipayo and Bb. Pilipinas-International Patty Betita.

The author (center) with models Marina Benipayo (left) and Patty Betita.The regality of the classic combination black and white in Galangs sarong dressing opened the whole fashion show as professional models flaunted the sexy cut of sarongs then later on followed by drapings, all for beach or resort setting.

Also, one of the segments that awed the audiences was the Filipiniana portion. This highlighted the belongingness of Galangs fashion orientation to the Filipinos. In the jolly hymn of Bebot by The Black Eyed Peas and classical novelty songs like Antipolo and Bongga Ka, Day! models danced and ramped off the catwalk with Galangs barong, kimonas and terno. Colors were usually in rainbows that mirror the spirit of the Filipinos.

The Gold Collections of Galang were made all the more shimmering by the glitters, gloves and shawls decorated in the most elaborate but elegant way. Such creations were showcased for champagne or cocktail. Models ramped en masse with lan that created that dramatic I-gotta-have-that-gown effect on the audience.

The author (extreme left) with other models during the showI was thinking when I saw the gowns (Gold Collections): Wow naman! Baka pwede akong makabili ng isa dyan! a viewer said in an interview. Toni Galang 2006 was directed by fabulous director Raymond Villanueva and was produced by DeWow Productions. True enough, everyone who had seen Toni Galang 2006 must have painted in mind Galangs creations. Kudos to everyone who made the show successful.

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