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  • Rev. Dr. George E. Reder, II., MsD

    Hey folks:
    When I clik the community hospitals and clinics, I am informed by your site, ERROR,ERROR. How come?
    My wife Lorna B. Reder just happens to be inthe hospital in Davao with an unknown mallady & high temperature. She is on the senior English Department staff at Bangoy Notional High School, SASA.
    I really would like to know the name and location of the hospital she is currently in.
    Yours truly,

  • nikki gomezz

    great stuff, caloy! keep it going.

  • Just a quick note to say that GABRIELA Network USA is very pleased with Manang Luz Ilagan’s candidacy. She has been a steadfast advocate and defender of women’s rights, as well as the Filipino people’s right to peace and justice. She and Congresswoman Liza Maza will make a formidable team. So any other progressive woman who makes it would be terrific icing on the cake.

    We are somewhat curious whether other partylist parties have women candidates. Can you tabulate?

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