CNL Statement on Quiboloy (On the occasion of the 40th Day of Datu Diarog Murder)

Jun. 20, 2008

The Christians for National Liberation-southern Mindanao, an underground movement of revolutionary Christians, condemns the Task Force Davao-Apollo Quiboloy conspiracy in the killing of Datu Dominador Diarog in Manuel Guianga, Davao City.

Apollo Quiboloy had obviously been pleased by the Task Force Davao’s fait accompli in killing Diarog. With Diarog’s murder, a human sacrifice in the altar of Quiboloy’s “prayer mountain” was offered before his merciless god. In doing so, Quiboloy has enlarged his estate by forcing the eviction of the true owners of the land and their future generations.

In truth, the Diarog murder has laid bare Quiboloy’s deceptive and murderous character. It has unmasked Quiboloy as the false prophet of our times. For, indeed, his penchant for land and wealth projects him as the Devil luring Jesus with earthly riches, rather than as his megalomaniac delusion to being the Son of God.

Any discerning Christian can see through the falsehood of Quiboloy’s claim to divinity. Quiboloy consciously uses religious obscurantism to justify his landgrabbing and self-aggrandizing schemes.

He has used the name of God in vain, in pursuit of his own vanity, turning “Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name” into a multi-million business empire. In this empire, he acts not only as the high priest but the self-appointed messiah, constantly pleased by a coterie of servants at his beck and call.

Quiboloy’s personality and history is as dubious as his self-claim to being the Son of the Father. Using all deceptive methods perfected by right-wing evangelicals in the United States and dirty tricks found in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manual in the infiltration of religion, Quiboloy’s religious merchandizing grew from the low-intensity conflict at the heart of “Nicaragdao” into the thriving business that it is today.

Quiboloy will not desist from offering more human sacrifice as long as there are threats to his business interests. He has announced to unleash a 20,000-strong army “who are willing to die in his name” against the New People’s Army. For the moment, the Task Force Davao is serving as his reliable mercenary army to massacre the defenseless in his name.

Ultimately, in desiring to pass off as the Son of God, Quiboloy has instead exposed himself as the anti-Christ. For Jesus was the embodiment of righteousness, justice, and peace. Jesus’ anointment was through his deeds, his sacrifice, and his revolutionary resistance to the evils of the Roman Empire.

Christians for National Liberation (CNL)-southern Mindanao

(an allied organization of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-NDFP)

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  • Kuya Shir

    Thursday, June 19, 2008
    Ledesma: Trekking home after the stage show
    By Jun Ledesma

    A DAY after the tribal chieftain of Davao City revealed that deep-seated family feud and conflict of ownership over a small piece land were the cause of death of Datu Dominador Diarog, the tribesmen finally packed up and went back to their habitation at sitio Kahusayan in Barangay Guianga.

    Finally the show is over for the so-called human rights activists. Tribal Chieftain Joel Unad, who has kept his silence for months over the death of Diarog, said that the root cause of the animosities among the Diarog clan was a two-hectare land.

    Arroyo Watch: Sun.Star blog on President Arroyo

    Chieftain Unad knows the details from where he speaks. He revealed that Dominador Diarog himself was involved in the murder of William Diarog said to be the original occupant of the two-hectare land located near the foothills of Mt. Apo.

    The Diarogs are cousins of Unad who regrets that this tragedy is happening to their clan over a two-hectare land. He acknowledged that the case against Dominador was pursued claiming that this will further bring disgrace and shame to the family. This gives credence to earlier report that Dominador later took the widow of William as his wife.

    Datu Unad also finally resolved the issue why the name of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy was unnecessarily dragged into the fray. He explained that a member of the Special Civilian Active Auxiliary under Task Force Davao, against whom Datu Dominador had a personal altercation, just happened to be assigned in the area near Quiboloy’s prayer mountain in Tamayong. This SCAA member, Unad reveals, is a nephew of the late Dominador and therefore may indeed be the son of William.

    The plot of the story thickens but one thing is sure. The death of Datu Dominador Diarog was made a delectable menu for propaganda of all sides of political spectra including NGOs which, no doubt, made thick albums for funding presentations to their donor foundations. It is the misfortune of Reverend Quiboloy for being sideswiped along the way. It takes only one day to disgrace an innocent man. The ignominy of it all is that it takes years to mend the wrong done.

    All these should have been abbreviated if some showoffs in the Provincial Board did not allow themselves to be dragged in the nose by some quarters who had a different agenda. They merely incensed the already confused members of indigenous tribesmen. Had they asked the right questions, they should have found the right answers. They should have looked into who had the motives behind the murder and subordinated their own motives for media mileage. Now the tribal chieftain had spoken. Will they now pursue from where the chieftain guided them to start with their investigation? Or, will they just vanish quietly and steal another thunder from still another dramatic controversy? In the meantime we watch with pity and compassion as the lumads finally trek home after the stage show is over.

  • Kuya Shir

    CNL people read this.. and try to analyze if you have power to analyze.

  • Killboloy

    Ledesma: Trekking home after the stage show
    By Jun Ledesma
    The above named person is receiving monetary gift frm Quiboloy for his “good” write-ups about Quiboloy. This kind of killing involving the name of “THE SON” would not stop. Government justice is not for the poor but for the elite. Quiboloy drawn the first blood and he has to pay. Datu Diarog deserves justice.

  • samantha rubio

    The Christians for National Liberation-southern Mindanao, an underground movement of revolutionary Christians – in short term, NPAs in the guise of Christian bodies.

    The Filipinos (the dabawenyos in particular) arent blind or dumb. Gimme at least 1,000 dabawenyos who believe that the pastor was behind this inhumane killing and i will be more than willing to listen to your rantings.

    Now, i can give you more than a million Filipinos who believe that you guys hiding behind your principles and twisted ideaologies, can do things as atrocious as what you are accusing of the pastor.

    datu unad has spoken.

    what you are trying to do now is belie the tribal chieftain’s statement, simply because you cant swallow your pride. YOU CANT ACCEPT THE TRUTH. WHY? BECAUSE YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN LIVING IN LIE ALL YOUR LIVES!

    stop those hate messages. you pretentious, cowards! Yes, im a catholic, and will always be. But i will never, ever side with catholics whose judgment is as crooked as their values.

    thousands of catholics respect pastor quiboloy and you have to accept that truth. ask bo sanchez, ask bishop tobias. ask the priests and nuns of mindanao who sometimes visit him in his prayer mountain.

    ask the poor, destitute children from different parishes that the pastor is helping, before you say those evil words against him.

    finally, ask yourself first: what have you done to help the poor? What have you done to improve the lives of our lumad brothers?

    have you, even for once, visited the lumads when they were hungry? have you given them clothes to wear? have you given them water to drink?

    even before you arrive at the scene, the pastor has been helping the lumads. he grew up with them and he knows just how it feels to be like them and how it feels to live in the mountains.

    you pretentious people.

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