Davao Today, TCI hold campus-wide journalism workshop

Jun. 26, 2017

(L-R) The moderator and editor-in-chief of the campus publication of the University of Immaculate Conception, The Collegiate Immaculate, John Rey Aleria and Casey Jane Pasigna pose for a picture with Davao Today editor Zea Capistrano, who gave an input for their Campus Journalism Workshop held on Saturday, June 24. (Robby Joy D. Salveron/ davaotoday.com)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Davao Today and The Collegiate Immaculate, the University of Immaculate Conception – College Department’s official student publication, partnered in a journalism workshop training on Saturday, June 24.

Casey Jane Pasigna, TCI editor-in-chief said ‘We saw the need to enhance our skills and boost our confidence in writing but to draw out inspiration as to why we chose to be in the school publication, for whom and why do we need to write,” she said.

The whole day activity was composed of lecture on the importance of the role of the media and separate workshops on feature writing, news and editorial writing and photojournalism.

Zea C. Capistrano, Davao Today’s managing editor, said the activity aims to equip young journalists of skills on writing and their passion for writing.

“It was a fruitful event and we can see young writers who were interested in so many things, especially in the contribution of the media in the society,” she said.

Clint Edjay Luminiaras, TCI associate editor, a third-year accountancy student said “writing may be far from what is expected of me, but this has long been my passion.”

Davao Today editor Mart D. Sambalud discusses editorial writing to campus journalists and students of the University of the Immaculate Conception in Bonifacio St., Davao City on Saturday, June 24. (Ivy Jean S. Tupas/davaotoday.com)

“I love and enjoy writing. And with what I have learned today, there is nothing more convincing that I have found a place where I can be more comfortable,” he said.

Cheska Tan, a third year communication arts major student highlighted that the event heightened her interest in journalism. “With the input coming from the speakers, had me more motivated in getting myself better in journalism,” she said.

Her classmate, Symon Jusay, agreed and hoped “next time I wish there was more time and that we get more opportunities to be exposed outside campus parameters.”

The event was participated not only by the staff of the student publication, but also students from the Liberal Arts, Education, Engineering, Accountancy and Business Administration, Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory and Sciences Departments.

TCI John Rey Aleria, a former editor in chief of the TCI, said they hope to partner again with Davao Today to provide an avenue for aspiring writers to develop their skills.(davaotoday.com)

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