Alert up for Chinese products sold in Davao

Jul 19, 2007

White Rabbit candy

By TYRONE A. VELEZ | Davao Today

Health authorities, however, do not have a list of the 180 food companies in mainland China that Beijing closed down recently, after determining that products from these companies were contaminated. “There was no list provided of the closed establishments and their products, so we cannot pinpoint which particular products we are going after,” an official said.

‘A banana a day keeps doctors away’

Jul 10, 2007

The Department of Trade and Industry seems to be suggesting that its about time the popular clich an apple a day keeps the doctors away be changed to a banana a day keeps the doctors away. Nelly Esperanza, DTI Davao del Norte chief for consumer welfare and trade regulation, the department will be launching on July 17 banana chips as a health food.