Here’s why ’08 Philippines budget is anti-poor

Oct 02, 2007

COMMENTARY | By Ibon Foundation

Contrary to the Arroyo government’s claims of a social payback in exchange for new tax measures, only 17 centavos out of every peso in revenues are allocated in next year’s budget for health, education and housing services. In the budget, funding for government hospitals was slashed by 12 percent. By contrast, the Department of National Defense will get thrice as much as the health department.

Streamlining of Eaga customs rules pushed

Sep 02, 2007


Officials said harmonizing customs procedures among the four countries in the Eaga will address the common complaints among investors and will make it easier for governments to monitor security threats in the region.

JPEPA bad for Davao’s banana growers — Ibon

Aug 15, 2007

Exports of Philippine-grown bananas and pineapples, most of them from the Davao region and other parts of Mindanao, may increase with the implementation of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), but it will benefit agribusiness transnational corporations and not Filipino growers, according to independent think-tank Ibon Foundation.

Alert up for Chinese products sold in Davao

Jul 19, 2007

White Rabbit candy

By TYRONE A. VELEZ | Davao Today

Health authorities, however, do not have a list of the 180 food companies in mainland China that Beijing closed down recently, after determining that products from these companies were contaminated. “There was no list provided of the closed establishments and their products, so we cannot pinpoint which particular products we are going after,” an official said.