Manny Pacquiao withdraws his money, instigates ‘mini bank run’

Jun 04, 2007

Apparently upset that he was defeated in his congressional bid and that his ‘principals” in Manila has so far failed to reimburse him the 140 million pesos he supposedly spent in the elections, boxing hero Manny Pacquiao reportedly instigated what amounted to a mini bank run after he withdrew all his remaining money from three banks.

According to BusinessMirror, “Informed sources said Pacquiao withdrew all his money from a bank in General Santos City as he conducted a personal audit and found he spent more than P140 million in election-related expenses but was still trounced by his diminutive political opponent.”

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Gov’t, MILF urged: Extend life of ceasefire body

Jun 04, 2007

Without the intervention by the AHJAG — which investigates incidents of violence or disturbance that, on many occasions in the past, complicated the negotiations — elements from the military and the MILF could easily engage in confrontation, given the often unknown or unclear origins of violent conflicts, particularly in the MILF areas in Central Mindanao. Criminal syndicates operate in that area and their activities have often been blamed on the MILF, thus complicating the peace process and the implementation of the ceasefire agreement.

In the Philippines: May 14th elections Too soon to tell

Jun 03, 2007

By Steven Rood
The Asia Foundation

While waiting for clarity in these races, it is useful to reflect on past elections for the light they shed on the present. One lesson is how all Philippine governments rely on elections for their legitimacy, and care a great deal about foreign opinion about those elections.

CHR clears military in Grecil’s death

Jun 02, 2007

In a May 21 decision, the Commission on Human Rights in Southern Mindanao said Grecil Buya was killed in a legitimate crossfire between soldiers and rebels, and that there was no evidence that the soldiers violated the rights of Grecil. It also said that there was no evidence to suggest that she was a communist guerrilla, as earlier alleged by the military.

Grecil Buya’s parents had sued the soldiers before the CHR, alleging that the troops summarily executed the girl. (Photo courtesy of MindaNews)