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Labor Migration: A Dangerous Doctrine

Nov 10, 2008

The more the economy is stagnant, the less its ability to create jobs, the more dependent government becomes on overseas labor deployment.

Here’s why ’08 Philippines budget is anti-poor

Oct 02, 2007

COMMENTARY | By Ibon Foundation

Contrary to the Arroyo government’s claims of a social payback in exchange for new tax measures, only 17 centavos out of every peso in revenues are allocated in next year’s budget for health, education and housing services. In the budget, funding for government hospitals was slashed by 12 percent. By contrast, the Department of National Defense will get thrice as much as the health department.

Arroyo’s days of reckoning

Sep 24, 2007


Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not yet off the hook. She may have to face her day of reckoning as a private citizen, probably even before her term ends in 2010.

Moros have had it with GMA’s all-out wars

Aug 06, 2007

COMMENTARY | By Amirah Ali Lidasan

Who committed the beheading and why did the perpetrators commit such act is a very controversial and sensitive issue that should have been responded to with discretion rather than warmongering. For weeks, it is as if every Muslim has to answer for it.

Maidlas nga hustisya

Jun 09, 2007

Commentary | Mas migrabe ug mitaas ang ihap sa mga kaso sa pagpanglapas sa tawhanong katungod sa niaging eleksyon. Kaylap ang black propaganda sa mga progresibong party-list. Kaylap usab ang harassment, pagpanghadlok ug pagpangbahad ang nasinati sa mga lider, miyembro ug tigsuporta niini sa tibuok rehiyon sa Caraga.

Nothing to celebrate for 100 years of a colonial, rubberstamp Congress

Jun 07, 2007

Commentary | That the House leadership traces its roots to the US-created Philippine Assembly of 1907 and not to the first Malolos Congress of 1898 is a testament to the colonial mindset that has characterized the institution for the last century. From 1907 till this day, Congress’s role has been to protect the narrow foreign and elite interests. Thus, it is one of the biggest hindrances to social reform and political modernization.