Barangays being trained for initial response to disasters but some lack rescue equipments

Oct. 18, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Only a few barangays in the city are fully-equipped with rescue equipments that can be used in times of disasters, according to the Davao City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DCRRMO).

Lyndon Ancajas, training director of DCRRMO told reporters on Thursday that they are almost done in training barangay personnel in responding to disasters.

He said they aim to make the barangays to be the first to respond when there are disasters.

But he also admitted that not all barangays have the needed rescue vehicle and equipments to have more response capacity.

Quality equipments are costly that barangays, especially in upland areas can’t easily afford to purchase.

Ancajas said they do not advise purchasing from those who offer cheaper rescue equipments that do not meet quality standards.

DCRRMO is focusing their training to those identified at risk barangays like along rivers and coastlines.

“Around 30 to 40 percent of the total barangays in the city are heading to become fully equipped.The coastal barangay of Bucana now have the vehicles and equipments; Bucana is the biggest barangay in Davao City.” he said.

According to Ancajas,rescuers have a hard time responding to disasters in the barangay due to the congestion,so they trained Bucana to have the capacity for initial response from within

Barangays Maa, Matina crossing, and Catalunan Grande have their own equipments like rubber boats and firetrucks.

Ancajas added that the successful rescue operation to save four individuals trapped during a flashflood in Tamugan River last Sunday was the positive result of DCRRMO’s community emergency response team training.

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