Crimes drop by 26.4% in Davao City

Jul. 02, 2015

DAVAO CITY — Crimes in this city have dropped significantly by as much as 26.4 percent, a police official said.

Police Superintendent Antonio Rivera on Wednesday said there was a decrease in Davao region’s crime rate by 26.4 percent as of May this year.

A total of 9,146 index crimes were recorded as of May this year. The number is lower compared to 12,369 index crimes recorded over the same period of last year.

Index crimes are crimes against persons such as murder, homicide, physical injury and rape. It also involve crimes against property such as robbery, theft, carnapping and cattle rustling.

The index crimes recorded in the region are the following: homicide (216); physical injury (4,582); robbery (853); and theft (2,797).

Meanwhile, Rivera said that traffic accidents accounted for the high number of physical injury cases in Davao region. (Diana C. Tomale/


    Maybe it’s because the person committing crimes have remarkably decreased. Some left the city vertically and horizontally but it you will not consider those criminals who left the city horizontally it will only be 20.0% from 26.4%.

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