Monument to honor heroism of Datu Bago

Nov. 15, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Davao City Culture and Arts Council is now accepting design proposals from local artists for a monument to be built in honor of Datu Bago. The monument is meant to recognize the heroism of Datu Bago in opposing colonial rule by defending the Davao against the Spanish colonizers.

On Thursday, Winnie Rose Bulig, officer-in-charge of Museo Dabawenyo, encouraged local and young artists to submit their proposed sketches of the monument to their office without any registration fee.

Bulig said artists may as well visit the city museum to also get information about Datu Bago and his life story to aid them in designing the monument.

Last March 20, the City Council passed an ordinance declaring Datu Bago as the local hero of Davao.


Bulig said the council is planning to put up the monument probably in Bangkerohan or Bucana.

The City Culture and Arts Council will be accepting designs until the end of the month of November. The chosen design will be presented and then selected by the council.

Bulig said the council is targeting to start the construction of the Datu Bago monument by next year.(

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