DAVAO CITY, Philippines – ​T​he Department of Energy (DOE) ​here cracked down again on the use of liquefied petroleum gas- ​refilled canisters and confiscated a total of 6, 907 LPG-​in various public markets within the second quarter of the year.

Nilo Geroche​m, chief ​ of the Energy Industry Management Division of the DOE XI, ​said ​their latest operation took place at the Panacan Public Market where 3,419 tin canisters illegally refilled with LPG were taken into the task force’s custody.

​Some 199 liters of gasoline in ‘​b​ote-bote’ were ​likewise ​seized ​by the ​DOE in Upper Malagamot Residence.

Garoche said that the DOE allows ​only ​wielded stainless, steel and alumni canisters to serve as refilling containers for LPG and urge​d​ the public to stop patronizing prohibited methods since these provide greater risks for fires especially among boarders who are often not home.

The ​DOE has disapproved ​of the use of the tin canisters, a practice​ common among provincial and far-flung ​areas .

Garoche calls for the attention of Local Government Units (LGUs) to report such activities to the DOE and take initiative in assuring that policies for energy production, distribution and use are being followed.

​Meanwhile, the DOE said the liquefied petroleum products ​posted higher rates ​​during the series of price increases than ​with the rollback ​prices.

According to the second quarter historical report of DOE, products such as Blaze, Unleaded/Vortex-S, Super-P/XCS/Vortex-G, Regular, Diesel, Kerosene, and V-Power/Turbo Ado have averagely increased by P16.00 since January while its sum rollback only amount​ed​ to P8.00.(davaotoday.com)

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