Fake rice issue causes undue panic to the public, says NFA official

Jul. 02, 2015

DAVAO CITY – An official from the National Food Authority (NFA) on Thursday said that the issue of alleged fake rice has caused “undue panic” to the public.

NFA Regional Director Dianne Silva said that there is still no proof of fake rice in the city. She asked the public to be vigilant, however.

“We want to stop the undue panic of the public because there is still no proof yet, but we have to be vigilant in case that there is really fake rice,” said Silva.

“We still don’t have a case that directly points to someone who got sick because of the alleged fake rice,” she added.

Silva said that they have quality assurance officers who are in-charge of checking the documents of imported rice upon reaching the wharf.

She said that imported rice undergo a very stringent process before it can reach the warehouse. She added that Davao is importing rice from Vietnam and Thailand.

Silva called out the public not to panic and urged those who suspect they have purchased fake rice to provide a sample of at least one kilogram for the laboratory test.

“We are conducting a very close monitoring of our markets and we are also asking the retailers to be vigilant and to check their sources,” she said.

The NFA is coordinating with the Philippine National Police and the City Mayor’s Office to closely monitor the markets and retailers.

On June 26, a certain Carmencita Grinio complained regarding the alleged fake rice she got from a canteen in Cabantian, which reportedly had the appearance of styrofoam when cooked.

The agency then took samples of the rice and submitted the samples to the Food Development Center for laboratory analysis.

The result of the laboratory analysis is expected to be out on July 3.

Last Sunday during his program, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte issued a stern warning to importers against the idea of bringing in fake rice in the city. (davaotoday.com)

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