Mayor Sara assures Covid-19 manageable in Davao

Jun. 29, 2020

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The city government of Davao assured residents that they are managing the new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) with the entry of stranded individuals and overseas workers in to the city in recent weeks.

In her regular interview with Davao City Disaster Radio, the mayor said the situation is manageable.

“For now, I can safely say that it is still manageable. No need to stop receiving people,” she said.

As of 5 pm of June 26, 2020, the Davao City government has 411 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 8 new cases, 27 deaths, and 300 patients having recovered from the infection.

They also recorded 18 returning OFWs and two local stranded individuals had tested positive.

The mayor said that the city government has been giving free Covid-19 Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test to airline passengers who arrived in Davao City starting June 8.

She urged the public, especially those returning to Davao from flights and cross border trips, to avail of the free test.

“This is voluntary. (they just need to reach out) to our Operations Center,” she said.

The city has assisted 5,825 individuals entering the Davao City and 4,512 persons leaving via land, air, and sea, based on their records as of June 20.

Duterte-Carpio said the city needs regular assessment with health authorities to ensure the safety of the public, as she urged everyone in Davao City to follow quarantine protocols such as wearing face masks and physical distancing while in the public.

The mayor said they will continue with this management system to control the spread of Covid-19 even until next year, unless “a vaccine or a miracle” would end the public’s anxiety over Covid-19. (

  • Far Seer

    It’s too bad she’s not making it more manageable with her policies.
    For example…

    A big Jollibee can have 30 customers eating without masks.
    But in the same-size building, you can’t have church with masks for more than 10 people.

    In the Jollibee, during two hours you might have 200 people, because they come and go.
    But the church will only have the same 10 people.

    Sara says 11 is unsafe for church, even though they are all friends.
    But at Jollibee, the customers are all strangers, making contact tracing impossible.*

    *Yes, the Jollibee tells you to fill up a form, but who does that completely and accurately? The employees don’t check them.

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