By Germelina A. Lacorte
Davao Today

After hearing about the successful launch of the e-jeepney in Makati, Davao officials are excited about the prospects of electric-powered cars, saying it could lessen the country’s dependence on gasoline.

Both Councilors Pilar Braga, chair of the committee on energy and transportation, and Peter Lavia, of the committee on trade, commerce, and industry of the City Council said the city government wants to attract e-car manufacturing and distributorship companies to Davao, now that prices of crude oil are about to reach US$100 per barrel.

Lavia said that e-vehicles and other alternative renewable energy sources have been identified among the city’s list of preferred investment areas accorded with local tax incentives.

Braga said Davao has been inviting a number of e-vehicle companies to introduce their products to the Davao and Mindanao market. “We want the companies to come over and introduce to our people the benefits of using the electricity-powered cars,” she said, after hearing about the successful launch of the electricity-powered jeepney in Makati over the weekend.

She also said that an Australian dealer of electric motorcycles E-Motion had come over to Davao to demonstrate their product. “We’ve seen the vehicle, which is fast, serviceable and environment-friendly,” she said. “Imagine if all of us will switch to e-cars, it will surely reduce carbon dioxide emission and will reduce global warming, which has been causing great changes in our weather patterns.”

She said she believes that the mounting crude oil prices in the world market will make these e-cars a more viable option for public transport. “They will really be the vehicle of the future,” she said. Braga described the e-vehicles as “reasonably priced” and even cost lesser than ordinary cars. “One of its greatest selling point in the market is the savings that we get,” she explained.

Lavia said that gasoline expense made up 70 per cent of his total office budget last year because of the unabated increases of oil prices. “We’ve taken the budget out of our office supplies and reverted them to gasoline,” he said.

The city government’s spending on gasoline alone can reach as much as P50 million a year, with the city council consuming about P3.6 million. “But we want to see the product first, that’s why we’re inviting the companies to come over,” Braga said. (Germelina Lacorte/

  • joshua mabunga

    > im happy if the e cars will be in davao. im hoping the city government of davao will support that project, as you know we already behind in other countries, most of there cars are electric, bakit pa patagalin? now that the oil price is still going up, and also the city government should do something to have more rice field, so that someday we will be the producer of OREC

  • bj enerio

    YES, I agree with joshua.. dapat ipatupad na nag city council yang e-cars in davao. to lessen the pollution in davao, to make it more greener environment and also solve the problem in the surging oil prices in the global market. tipid pa. hitech na hi tech pa. dapat hanap tayo mga manufacturers of these e cars and e motors put in davao. It will really help us with our present crises. secondly, yes the rice, we have a large land area, why not use them up and convert them to useful agricultural lands. for rice, bananas and other food sources. then we’ll become the food basket not only in the Philippines but in the East asean growth area.DAVAO truly is the Land of promise.

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