DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The preparedness of several emergency responders were tested during the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill held along Bolton Street in Davao City on Thursday.

Various agencies, including ask Force Davao, 911 Urban Search and Rescue, Naval Eastern Mindanao Command, Bureau of Fire Protection, Davao City Police Office and several other volunteer responders, demonstrated interoperability capacity in a simulated scenario wherein a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Davao City.

Students and staff of the University of Mindanao Bolton Campus, as well as a few business establishments in the area also participated in the drill.

DUCK, COVER AND HOLD. Students of the University of Mindanao execute the duck, cover, and hold technique – a standard procedure for personal protection during an earthquake. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

TRIAGE. 911 emergency responders check on the conditions of the “injured” victims of a simulated explosion inside the University of Mindanao Bolton Campus in Davao City. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

RUSH. A combination of army and 911 Urban Search and Rescue personnel rush a “victim” to a standby ambulance after his injuries were assessed through what is known as the triage procedure. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

RESCUE. A Task Force Davao personnel carries on his back an injured “victim” of the simulated explosion inside the University of Mindanao Bolton Campus in Davao City. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

SIDE BY SIDE. Firefighters from several volunteer groups coordinating side by side with the Bureau of Fire Protection demonstrate how to extinguish fire along Bolton Street in Davao City, the site of the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

HIGH ANGLE RESCUE. Emergency personnel execute a high angle rescue, a procedure undertaken when entry points of a high rise building with trapped victims are unpassable by rescue personnel with equipment as a result of an earthquake. The operation is carried out through the use of rope bridges. (Paulo C. Rizal/davaotoday.com)

HIGH ANGLE RESCUER. An emergency responder rappels down the rope bridge to execute a high angle rescue. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Center, to take part in a high angle rescue operation, one must specialize and undergo several training and studies dedicated to such operations. (Medel V. Hernani/davaotoday.com)

TRANSPORTING. After being transported from a high rise building, the injured victim is then transported to the nearest hospital in the area, the Ricardo Limso Medical Center in nearby Ilustre Street in Davao City. (Medel V. Hernani/davaotoday.com)

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