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DAVAO DEL NORTE, Philippines — Ahead of the observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, the environmentalist group EcoWaste Coalition appeals to the public not to turn cemeteries into garbage dumps.

“We have prepared the Cemetequette to remind Filipinos who will pay homage to their departed family members to mind their trash to avoid transforming cemeteries and columbaria into filthy dumps,” Aileen Lucero, national coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition said in a statement on Friday, October 27

The group issued a 10-point “Cemetequette” aims to promote environmental responsibility among cemetery visitors.

“We hope the public will heed our call for a waste-less observance of Undas as preventing and reducing what we indiscriminately throw away is for the common good,” she added.

Below are eco-friendly tips for a waste-free and toxic-free commemoration of Undas:

“By observing these eco-tips, we avoid creating unsightly and stinking garbage that can turn off other visitors and, worst of all, pose health risks to everyone,” Lucero said. (

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