Photos courtesy of Davao City Information Office

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — City officials are warning residents here on the possibility of landslide in some areas after monitoring ​the ​cracks on the ground.

Emmanuel Jaldon, head of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Center said they “noted ground cracks” on the upper portion of the Shrine Hills in Matina. He said the cracks indicated movements.

Jaldon ​pointed at the diversion road in Barangay Langub fronting the old dump site as ​where the cracks have been monitored.​ ​Residents residing near the area are warned that they are living in “a highly dangerous zone.”

In a phone interview, Jaldon told Davao Today they have issued the warning for residents and motorists who are passing in the areas.

Jaldon added that torrential rains experienced in the city contribute to the possible collapse of the land.

He said they are working with the barangay to ask people to vacate the area as early as Thursday.

“We are asking them to move away from the danger zone,” he said.

Jaldon also said the stubbornness of residents who refused to vacate the area remains a challenge for the government.

Initially, the CDDRMC has already informed the City Engineer’s Office and the Department of Public Works and Highways of the situation. Jaldon said they have recommended the offices to install early warning signages along the highway for motorists and for the residents within the danger zones.

The government has advised a property owner of a surplus vehicle shop ​to ​stop its excavation activities citing the danger of triggering landslides. Jaldon added that they have requested the CEO to issue a “No Habitation Notice” to a religious group that has an ongoing building construction on top of the hill.

Photos courtesy of Davao City Information Office

In an interview with Davao Today, Chinkie Golle, executive director of the Interface Development Interventions said even with the classification of the Shrine Hills area as an “Urban Ecological Subzone”, construction activities were “unregulated.”

The classification recognized that the Shrine Hills area is vulnerable to geological hazard including landslide and soil erosion. The area covers 222 hectares.

She said it was good thing that city officials are now taking steps on the threats of landslides.

However, Golle said they hope the ongoing review on the guidelines on how to regulate and manage Shrine Hills will be completed sooner. She said the guidelines will be the basis on what the allowable activities in the area are.

She also called on local and government agencies to undertake a coordinating meeting on how to address the threats. (

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