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DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is not taking the general amnesty offered by President Rodrigo Duterte, but announced that its armed wing, the New People’s Army, (NPA) will carry out more offensives against government troops.

The CPP released the statement on Sunday, after Duterte restated to provide the revolutionary fighters housing units and recruit them to the Philippine Army if they surrender. He also mentioned the possibility of granting them general amnesty.

“The NPA will continue to carry out tactical offensives in order to hold the Duterte regime accountable for all its crimes and rights abuses committed in the course of its triple wars, as well as corruption and subservience to US imperialism,” the CPP said.

Calling the President as “narrow-minded,” the CPP said his demand for surrender shows he chooses “to ignore the social realities of oppression and exploitation, and the aspiration for national and social liberation which continue to drive thousands, especially peasant masses, to join and support the NPA.”

The CPP also warned the government that the ongoing crisis in Marawi City, which entered its fourth month on Saturday, may result to more armed resistance.

The formal peace talks between the government and the Communists were stalled since May.

On September 16 Duterte announced he is “not averse” to resuming talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the CPP’s political wing. He “cannot concede alone because I am not the only one in control of this government,” as he told the communist party.

“I share power with Congress and the Supreme Court. So do not ask for something in a hurry and for those which are not really acceptable to the other branches of government. Mahirap ‘yan (That’s difficult),” Duterte said.

The CPP said they will remain open to peace negotiations if Duterte will not use bilateral ceasefire as a “precondition”. (

  • Edwin Subijano

    Duterte should not be worried !!! Someday the CPP may give him an amnesty !!!

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