A child sleeps in front of a Chowking branch along Ilustre Street, Davao City. According to child advocates, landless families are forced to send their children to work as hired hands in plantations and farms. Many of them opt to move to the cities. Read the story (Photo by Keith Bacongco)

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    Dearest Word Village for theChildren,

    Greetings of peace and prosperity
    Christmas is aproaching here in the whole World. We take down list of those posible special person we want to give a special gift! thats a wonderful things to do and as Filipino we always practice this wonderful event in our lives with our family but did we look outside the streets? did you notice something? Here in the Philippines there are so many street children who needs our help. One day when I was walking along the streets I saw so many street Children who have no sleepers and have a not presentable clothes. We can see them on the streets asking alms just to have money for their foods.Some of them was influence by drugs because their is no guidance by the parents….They abondoned by their parents and even their familys. When I asked someone what is her wish in christmas he say ” I want to celebrate it with my family and eat delicius food that i never had eaten before. I want also to live and sleep in a house whic can protect me from rain and heat of the sun because I always sleep in the streets with my friend street children.” So many street children in the Philippines who need to be rescue and save from hazard and dangerouse streets in the Philippines. I fined guilt with my self because I want to help them but I can’t because I am not that rich citizen. Thats why I build a band group to find way on how to help those children but still it is not enough. I want to help and gather all street children so that I can save them from hazard streets and avoid to influence the ilegal drugs in the streets. We also want to help them to have Education because every child has the rigth to have education.
    In this regard, we would like to ask your institution to extend your advocacy in helping the street children by building a Childrens Village here in Davao City where the street children can live safe and comfortable with a healthy lifestyle . A village also where they can learn good values and give them a proper education they needed We want to build a houes where they can stay and sent them to school but we dont have fund. The help that your institution can give can help dicrease the number of street Children in the Philippines.
    We are looking for your favorable and positive response. You may contact us on our mobile number +639105288587.

    Christ in you,

    Richard Lamis Jr.
    Manager of MEFYS

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  • We are planning to to build a home for the street children but we dont dont have enough fund thats why we need to ask your support on our camapaign.

    Richard Lamis Jr.
    MEFYS Manager

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