Jan. 22, 2014

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REMEMBERING MENDIOLA MASSACRE.Farmers and activist groups in Davao held a march-rally in commemoration of the 27th year of the Mendiola Massacre where 13 farmer-activists were gunned during a violent dispersal in 1987. Today, farmers slam government’s failure of implementing agrarian reform and protection of farmers amidst rice cartel and smuggling of imported rice. (Medel V. Hernani/

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  • mdc-McNulty™

    Of course I do very well. I was there and that was the time I said, I had to go back home for a while.

    After two decades, I just returned to the Metro and I found so much changes I can not comprehend. But everything else still the same, its just more buildings, same old unpainted apartments and ugly buildings everywhere with tangled power wires, more filth and more poor people and bunch of filthy squatters and children running naked without any slippers. Manila became so much dirtier and more filth than one can imagine. There are no shores to go to, there are no sidewalks to use, and all vehicles park where people can have no more place in a society. Why the city government allows that is a very nasty question for them, how can a disable move around this city when there is no sidewalks to run around. Where I came from, every single sidewalk is unblocked. One can get a fat ticket if car is park on sidewalks or a homeowner or business blocks their front sidewalk. Its all about common sense and enforcements. They should practice it once it a while.

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