Anti-Islam film, part of US campaign to demonize Muslims, Moro rights group says

Sep. 30, 2012

Protesters believe that the US government is not doing enough to remove or ban the film from the internet. 

Davao Today

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — “We blame the US government for its campaign against terrorism that deliberately tags Muslims as terrorists,” Bai Ali Indayla, spokesperson of Moro human rights group Kawagib

Indayla’s statement came after the controversial 14-minute low-budget film, Innocence of Muslims, stirred the Muslim community worldwide.  In a protest last week in Cotabato City, hundreds condemned what they call a “US design” to demonize anew Muslims as terrorists via the said film.  In the past weeks, hundreds also burned US and Israeli flags in Marawi town, Lanao del Sur while many have protested before the American embassy in Manila.

Protesters believe that the US government is not doing enough to remove or ban the film from the internet.

The administration of US President Barack Obama has asked Google to remove the video.  But the latter refused because the video, it said, does not violate their content standards.  Google is an American multinational corporation providing internet-related products and services.

The film portrayed Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as a bastard, a philanderer and a plagiarist.  It also depicted Muhammad as a killer of non-Muslims, calling the latter “infidels.”  It was uploaded in the video-sharing website, YouTube.

The film has sparked protests around the globe, mostly from Muslim-dominated countries.  Violence also erupted because of it, which reportedly led to the deaths of not less than 50 people, including US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

Here in the Philippines, the Supreme Court (SC) already issued a Temporary Restraining Order against the public showing of the film as it infringes on religious rights.  This was in response to the petition filed by leaders of different Muslim communities under the group Bangsamoro Nation.  The SC did not, however, rule if the country should ask YouTube to block the movie.

But the SC rule didn’t stop lawyer Harry Roque, a professor of the University of the Philippines, to show it in his constitutional law class.  In his blog, Roque said, the viewing was not public and just part of his class’s lesson on freedom of expression, academic freedom and other freedoms stipulated in the Constitution.

Roque called the film “trash” and said that he has confidence on the intelligence of Muslims in the country.

Actor and Islam-covert Robin Padilla, in a television interview said, “Napanood ko, natawa nga ako. Pero, kailangang mag-protesta. (I already saw it.  I was amused.  But we must protest against it.)

The said film, produced by Egyptian-born Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was uploaded on YouTube this September.  As of Saturday, it already hit 15 million views with a thread of almost 300,000 comments.

On Thursday, Nakoula was jailed and is facing up to three years in prison.  He reportedly lied to federal probation officials on his role in the making of the Innocence of Muslims film.  (John Rizle L. Saligumba/

  • steve

    all of what is in the short film in you tube is real anyway. it’s a cheesy film , a class “z” film but true nonetheless. muhammad did what was depicted in the film. all you have to do is read the qur’an and hadiths all all of it is stated there. muslims can’t question their prophet, what makes them think the rest of the non-muslims can’t question theirs? it shows that islam isn’t what they show it to be. islam isn’t a tolerant religion. islam is not a religion of peace. their “tolerance and “peace” has a limit. and that “limit” ends when a cartoon or cheesy film is depicted of their prophet. no other religion causes destruction, violence and death in the name of religion but islam. hinduism doesn’t teach it , christianity doesn’t teach it, buddhism doesn’t teach it and sikhism doesn’t teach it. do you hear protests from muslims when christian churches and buddhist temples are being destroyed by muslims? in contrast, do you hear buddhists, christians and hindus protest when their religion is being questioned and depicted in various media? reall you say? oh yes, there are a lot of propaganda against other religions specially when you go to muslim countries. they have t.v. “advertisements”, books, cartoons and comics for kids and even dedicated talk shows/islamic “religious” shows that are anti-semite, anti-hinduism and anti-christian in content. everything from subtle discrepancies of the questioned religion to outright incitement to crash and burn that is not to their liking. do you hear protests from non-muslims about it? its time to stop portraying the muslims as victims. it’s time to draw the line. islam is extensively being studied right now. specially in the western world. and it has shown that if muslims are the minority, they can’t integrate to society. thay want exclusivity. separate classrooms, separate food, separate attire, etc. and if their demands are not met, they portray they are victims. and when their demands are met, they ask for more. they demand that islam should be a part of the curriculum in universities, madrasahs should be constructed and other never ending demands. southern thailand is now having problems, chechnya has the same problems, europe such as the u.k. and netherlands has the same problems. members of parliament in some european countries are proposing to deport immigrant muslims to their country of origin if they do not integrate to their host society. people are getting sick and tired of their “allahu akbar” antics. and some countries too are eyeing to classify islam not as a religion but an ideology. for islam isn’t just a spiritual belief but also has its own law called sharia, or islamic jurisprudence. which, it is known, to be anti-democratic. so again, it is time to draw the line. it was a mistake for the supreme court to give in to muslim demands just to quiet them down. when our constitutional right to freedom of expression and speech was trampled upon in exchange. the rest of the world is observing. the signs are all around. and one of this days, soon, with strong leadership, a decision has to be made not only here but in the rest of the free world on how to tackle islam and its impact in a global scale.

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