Primer on Political Killings

Jun. 03, 2006

The cause-oriented group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan has just released a primer on the killings of political activists, human-rights advocates, and members or leaders of labor unions across the country.

Since 2005, Bayan said, there has been a drastic leap in the number of activists killed under the Arroyo regime. Many questions, it said, have been raised on the nature, pattern, reasons and perpetrators of the killings, hence the primer.

1. Is there a national trend or pattern in the killing of activists under the Arroyo regime?

2. Who exactly are the victims of extra-judicial killings?

3. Who are the perpetrators?

4. Who must account for these killings?

5. Why are the activists being killed?

6. What can we do?

(Click here to read the whole primer.)

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