DAVAO CITY – The Davao City Mayor’s Office-Drainage Management Unit (CMO-DMU) said it is doubling its effort to locate the areas that need to upgrade or be added with drainages.

DMU Chief Yusop Jimlani said areas like Bago Gallera need additional drainage to avoid flooding during rainy season.

“During this season, we will really see the problem. What we do, we double our efforts,” Jimlani said.

“What we have observed in Bago Gallera is that it lacks drainage which resulted to flooding just recently,” he added.

Jimlani said he has gathered the members of the DMU, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and City Engineer’s Office (CEO), to come up with a plan to do something about the area.

“There is still no funding for that area. We have gathered our resources, hopefully even without funding, we can still do something with it,” he said.

Jimlani also said they have a lot of ongoing projects such as the upgrade of the drainage in Barangay 22 and Barangay 23 along Quezon Boulevard.

He said that although it is impossible to achieve a flood-free city, “the DMU is doing their best to improve the drainages here to avoid flooding.”

He also said that their average operations per month have increased from 23.83 of last year to 75.8 as of May this year. (davaotoday.com)

  • Steven Hark

    Topaz Street in Marfori Heights has been flooding for years, sometimes up to a meter deep, and still nothing has been done.

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