Duterte doubts Binay’s willingness to disclose bank records

Mar. 16, 2016

TAGUM CITY — Presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte raised doubts on Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay’s willingness to cooperate with the government by allowing access to his bank records, clearing him from corruption allegations.

“Hindi siguro (I don’t think so),” Duterte said on Tuesday, March 15, referring to Binay who has long evaded efforts to uncover his allegedly ill-gotten wealth.

Duterte’s statement came after he and running mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano recently signed a waiver allowing access to their bank accounts.

Duterte and Cayetano firmly believe that this is one of the measures to ensure that presidential and vice-presidential aspirants are not hiding ill-gotten wealth.

The tandem had already declared that they will waive their right to bank secrecy, and have dared the vice president to face the public and explain the “scandalous wealth” of the family.

It can be recalled that the AMLC has said that Binay received billions of pesos from infrastructure projects through dummies. This happened when he served as the city mayor of Makati. AMCL reported that the money was used to fund Binay’s vice presidential bid in 2010.

Duterte said the corruption issues will perpetually hound the vice-president and his family. This is one of Binay’s corruption baggages, he said. “Now this is a major problem for him.” (davaotoday.com)

  • Mabel Jayla Cortez

    Para makamit ang TUNAY NA PAG BABAGO kailangan natin magising sa realidad ng buhay. Duterte Cayetano ang laging andyan para ipag laban at suportahan tayo.

  • Ruby Lily Monzaga

    Duterte Cayetano is the LEADER I want in 2016! BETTER FUTURE for our country!

  • Lora Krisha Bongue

    Platapormang makakapag bigay ng malaking tulong at mababago ang ating bansa tungo sa kaunlaran at kaayusan nito. Duterte Cayetano ang tunay na may malasakit sa taong bayan.

  • Gavin Colin Samsons

    Tama na sa mga kurakot, walang isang salita at sa pag kawawa sa mga Pilipino, TUNAY NA PAG BABAGO ang gusto namen at ang dapat mangyari para sa ating bansa!

  • Ryan Nathan Buendia

    May TAPANG, TALINO, GAWA at MALASAKIT para sa mahal kong Pilipinas, ganyan ang nararapat at gusto ng taong bayan! Nag iisa lang ang tulad nila, Laban Duterte Cayetano.

  • Thomas Arthur Melenio

    Wala mang pera para mangampanya tuloy pa din ang laban ng Duterte Cayetano, gaya nila tuloy lang din ang laban namen di lang para sa kanila kundi para na din sa mahal kong Pilipinas.

  • Amelia Ava Munoz

    Malaking pag asa ang dinadala namen dahil kina Mayor Duterte at Senator Cayetano, sila lang ang tunay na kakayahan para mabago at mapaayos ang ating bansa.

  • alexander lean daloga-og


    I’M NOT being cynical about what Liberal Party spokesperson Barry Gutierrez claims of late; but all throughout history, the presidency too can be an institution of criminally predisposed career thieves in the guise of public service.

    HAVING been constitutionally vested with executive power, the president wields a two-edged sword to carry out his duties: first is the purse and then the muzzle of a gun to enforce obedience among the citizenry. The incumbent thus appoints both career and non-career government functionaries not only to implement governmental policies but to ensure that his marching orders get to reach the bottom of the ladder.

    QUITE an abstraction may be, but, for the corps of bureaucrats in government, the chain of command begins at the apex of power. It’s what the TOP does that they follow. The no “wang-wang” policy is a case in point. During his inaugural address, Pres. BS Aquino slammed all forms of official entitlements so the public knows it can rely on its government officials to uphold the law because no one should be above it.

    THAT’s literally the least that those mandated to govern can to do justice to every ordinary man -the “boss”, so to speak. in the biggest corporation ever invented by the State or otherwise known as the government. But the presidency can only be effective if it retains the persuasive power over the other co-equal branches. If it wants to roll on its desired policies, the executive department has to deal with the legislature.

    IT’S the lawmakers’ legislative function to green-light budgetary appropriations, craft priority statutes and exercise oversight prerogatives over public agencies. In dealing with Congress, the president practically proposes but it is the former which stamps its authority. That’s where the president carries both sword and cake to influence legislation with something that policy-makers get in return. And the icing itself does the trick to pursue the president’s short and long-term vision.

    UNDER the Marcosian regime, it was all to easy to get things done. There is the rubber-stamp assembly to take command from the supreme leader. The quasi-parliamentary system of government was even instituted to get rid of the vice-presidency. But things tuned from bad to worse when Pres. Cory Aquino assumed power under the guise of freedom and revolutionary government. Her short-lived prime minister, Salvador Laurel Jr., rebelled upon failed pledges and later led the opposition to expose the the rising tide of plunder and corruption in the newly-installed democratic government.

    OUR concept of good government was prostituted. The icon of democracy could hardly push pro-people policies without Congress and the dynastic politicians who lorded over public policies. So Pres. Aquino had to reintroduce the long-moribund pork barrel politics in the country. Yes, folks, it was the incumbent president’s mother who gave her nod for the return of the greatest source of corruption ever to grace the benighted pearl of the orient sea. She had no choice; even her own presidency had to kowtow to Congress for funds like a slimy beggar with her begging bowl.

    SO from the innocuous Countrywide Development Fund (CDF), the scourge of corruption metamorphosed itself into Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and its presidential variant, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). Our lawmakers couldn’t be happier. They could dip their fingers into the public cookie jar aided no less by the president’s tacit approval. And when corruption reached its zenith, the pork barrel insertions into the national budget pie exploded right smack into their faces: all top branch officials and functionaries, including the judiciary which the budget magician, DBM Sec. Florencio Abad, saw fit to smear by snare.

    TRUE, the office of the president is an institution to render genuine public service; but it is equally true as well that the presidency itself can be held hostage by both elective and career officials. In 2010, the country was held enthrall by a prospect of change coming, as it is, from the heels of the spurned corrupt regime under Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. So to cover its tracks, the BS Aquino administration’s legal juggernaut deployed highly caliber lawyers to man its flanks while advancing its thrusts and parries against the perceived corrupt in the ranks of the political opposition.

    THE WITCHCRAFT and inquisition thus became a ploy to cover the president’s well-hidden pandora’s box while exposing the others to public light. So Gutierrez is right. The presidency is a much-aspired domain of service to the Filipino people. But if an awakened citizenry gets rid of its blindfold in the eyes, the presidency too is host to unspeakable anomalies that only shameless thieves can dare commit without batting an eyelash.

    WHOEVER gets to sit the throne of the presidency, nothing will ever change in a rotten system, UNLESS the leader himself is STRONG and DETERMINED enough to pursue his VISIONS for the country and its people WITHOUT let up!

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