DAVAO CITY – Two weeks after saying sorry to his supporters because he is not running for the presidency in 2016, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte appeared in another press gathering Monday night to reiterate his refusal to run as president.

Duterte also asked the group who is about to hold an activity in Manila on Saturday to “stop.”

Duterte, who previously said he sought signs from God whether to run or not said “wala mang sinabi si God (God told me nothing).”

“If God is in front of me now, I would ask him for money. I would not dare ask campaign funds from politicians, even from friends,” he said.

Duterte said at his age, running for president “to solve the country’s problems” is a “waste of time”. He also said his family is “against it” and that he is retiring from politics.

He said his filing for a certificate of candidacy for the presidency is a “worse” scenario, but said he has “been thinking about it 24 hours a day” despite his family’s protest.

Duterte said he does not want to be presumptuous that he has “millions” of supporters.

During his weekly program, Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa, last Sunday Duterte said that he will not be attending the “million people’s march”.

Meanwhile, Duterte said that he worries about the fate of federalism.

“I cannot be the savior of all time. I cannot be the correcter,” said Duterte on the possibility that federalism will not be on the agenda of other presidentiables.(davaoto day.com)

  • BlueDragon

    Mayor Du30 hindi mo kailangan ng campaign fund just say YES to the people and our vote cast for you. Hindi naman talaga dapat kailangan ang Million or Billion Campaign Fund na yan sa Election kaya nagiging lugmok sa kahirapan ang ating bayan punong puno ng corruption at walang matinong leader dahil diyan. Mag wawaldas ng pera sa election tapos pag naka upo na babawiin sa pamamagitan ng pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.
    Mayor Du30 ‘The voice of the people is the voice of God’ look at growing proverty, squatter, million of Filipino without home, crying children molested, rape, farmers, ofw mga taong nagsisikap para sa pagbabago. Try to see that… I hope it is enough to see the truth from the million of filipino who wish you to run. Just say YES and thats all… and after we make you a President of the Philippines Start the Change for the benefits of our nation and filipino people.
    To Du30 Family, Inday Sarah please hear the Millions of Filipino asking your father to run for President. Dont mind what they are saying na urong sulong we understand the situation.

  • alex ca

    hindi lang marunong tumingin si Duterte kasi kung saan ang tinig ng Dios……..sa latin pa vox populi vox dei kung nakakaintindi siya ng latin,,,,alam kong alam niya to….ang boses ng karamihan ay boses ng Dios……Baka hindi boses ng Dios ang kailangan niya…Kailangan siya ng taungbayan….period at yun na! Maraming style na iparamdam ng Dios sa yo kung saan ka niya kailangan….wag kang mag antay na tapikin ka pa…

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