Duterte tops Bicol’s online news presidential polls

Aug. 07, 2015

By Angel Ayala and Joey Natividad

LEGAZPI CITY – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte still tops at 51.81 % public approval over Mar Roxas with 37.75 % in the online survey conducted by online news BicolToday.com.

The online poll had started August 3 and ended August 5.

Grace Poe at 5.03% trailed behind the two, while Vice President Jejomar Binay at 2.77% is way behind the race.

The poll question: If elections are held today, who will you vote for President?

In nationwide online poll survey of BicolToday, from 2 pm of August 3 until 6 am of August 5, it had gathered 3,142 respondents.

Poll: August 3 (2pm) – August 5 (6am), 2015

Duterte, Rodrigo            1,628            51.81%
Roxas, Mar                       1,186           37.75%
Poe, Grace                           158             5.03%
Binay, Jejomar                     87            2.77%
Other:                                    83             2.64%

Under “Other”, the 83 votes or 2.64% were distributed among Senator Bongbong Marcos, Senator Miriam Santiago, Senator Alan Cayetano, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto and former Senator Panfilo Lacson.

In the official Facebook account of BicolToday.com, the poll had reached 52,678 people, and had taken 210 comments and 30 shares.

The 3,142 respondents are good and credible indicator as random sampling of the public pulse on the specific three-day period, August 3 -5.

The period was crucial for knowing the public pulse after President Aquino had just finished wrapping up his State of the Nation Address (Sona) on July 27, and  endorsed Roxas on July 31 as the official standard bearer of the Liberal Party for the 2016 presidential election.

BicolToday.com has used a platform programmed for “one computer-one vote” scheme where the IP address of a computer used for voting is automatically registered, regardless if it is used several times to prevent multiple voting.

The voters, however, remain anonymous.

In a Facebook post, Orio Lutang Malabi said, “Duterte kami. Pag di (siya) tatakbo di na kami boboto sayang kasi kung sa iba kami boboto puro palpak (We support Duterte. If he will not run, we will not vote anymore because our votes will be wasted if we vote those who always fail).”

Joel Armea commented “Mar, highly educated, veteran in politics, honest and not corrupt. Poe is a rookie and needs more exposures but had an affinity with Binay as a Godfather. Binay is full of “s***” and have not done any legend to honor him instead, as an artist of corruptions that overshadowed his personality as a leader; be a Mayor or a Vice President and what more as President? Duterte has guts towards ill doings of people at the expense of human rights! So, from all of the above Mar is the best choice for the people and country.”

Alex Into said “(n)o one can beat the sincerity of Duterte…I will vote for Duterte.”

Meanwhile, Ciro Santiago said “Mar was declared by the Liberal Party as their standard bearer. He will win because of their machineries. Duterte is the last credible person available for the vice presidency…the two I DO NOT KNOW..THE WOMAN IS A YOUNG WOMAN IN A HURRY WITH NO POLITICAL BACKGROUND…THE OTHER MAN HAS LOST HIS CREDIBILITY AND HE IS RESORTING TO CRAB MENTALITY.” Re-posted by Davao Today

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