Neglected Japanese Descendants Sought Via Poll

Sep. 09, 2006

The Philippine government and Japan have no record of the number of neglected Japanese descendants in the country many of them are in Davao — because their birth certificates show their citizenship as Filipino. Worse, some Japanese fathers refuse to recognize these children as from their blood despite the Filipino mother declaring otherwise.

By Patricia Marcelo

QUEZON CITY Some rely on just their surnames to carry them to Japan and, hopefully, a better life. A group here wants to help.

Since August, the Federation of Nikkei-Jin Kai Philippines Inc. is undertaking a poll of Shin-Nikkei-jin (Japanese descendant) in the Philippines who were abandoned by their Japanese fathers.

The federation of 16 groups spread throughout the archipelago perceives these people to number in the thousands but government statistics remain unavailable or inaccurate.

The Philippine government and Japan have no record of the number of neglected Japanese descendants in the country because their birth certificates show their citizenship as Filipino.

Worse, some Japanese fathers refuse to recognize these children as from their blood despite the Filipino mother declaring otherwise.

Like the mother of 17-year-old Shilla-Mei Murakami who brought her to the office of federation-member Manila-Central Luzon NIPPI (Japan-Philippines) Association Inc. for inclusion into the groups census.

I want to meet my father and work in Japan, said Murakami, a single mother to a seven-month old baby.

The five-foot Murakami stopped going to school after getting pregnant during her senior year. She works as a waitress in a coffee shop in Quezon City while living with her mother, who has since retired from working as an entertainer in Japan.

Beside her is 13-year-old Toshiyuki Ito Jr., who is more fortunate: he was able to meet his father.

Since Itos Japanese father was an entertainment promoter in Japan, he would make it a point to visit the young Ito when he was in Manila despite separating from the mother in 1996. The young Ito was just three years old that time.

He said they went to the federations office to seek help since his father has stopped seeing him since December 2000.

Murakami and Ito were among the 16 Shin-Nikkei-jins who registered with the MCLNAI the day that the group began its intensive search for an estimated 100,000 Japanese descendants in the country.

The federation expects to confirm that number when they reveal partial results by November this year.

Poled poll

The Federation said it launched its nationwide three-month survey to determine the number of Shin-Nikkei-jins in the country and to help these new descendants to acquire Japanese nationality, work in Japan later on, or seek financial assistance from their Japanese parent.

Those who would register in any of the federations chapter offices in Quezon City, province of Iloilo and the cities of Baguio, Cebu, Zamboanga, Iligan, Cotabato and Davao, would automatically be included in the list of and presumed as Shin-Nikkei-jins.

Japanese descendants in the Philippines could be classified into two. Therere the Nikkei-jin, or those who were born before and during the second World War.

Shin-Nikkei-jin are those born after the war, specifically in the mid-80s, when Japanese-Filipino intermarriages increased as a result of the large number of entertainers working in Japan.

Shin-Nikkei-jins wanting to be included in that list fills up a form that bares their life history in connection with their Japanese lineage: name, birthday, and address in Japan of their father, etc.

Murakami and Itos mothers clutch between their fingers a Manila envelope carrying other supporting documents: birth certificate signed by the Japanese father recognizing the child as his own, marriage contract, and a photograph of the Japanese parent.

Getting registered into the federations database is free and hoped to gain for the descendants recognition of rights enjoyed by a Japanese citizen.

But Lourdes Yamaoka-Medina said they couldnt promise that.

Not all the new descendants who would come to our office could be recognized as Japanese nationals, the 68-year-old MCLNAI Manila Chapter president said.

Hope Census

Statistics from Japan showed that since 1993 to 2004, children born between Japanese and Filipino couples and registered in the Family Registry numbered 60,307. However, the number of Shin-Nikkei-jins could be much higher as illegitimate children are unaccounted for.

Based on the 2003 NSO record of marriages in the Philippines, among the 17,095 intermarriages between Filipino brides and grooms with foreign nationals, Japanese grooms have the highest number at 5,468.

There were 155 Japanese brides and Filipino grooms during the same year, the statistics office added.

Yamaoka-Medina said while parents or the Shin-Nikkei-jins themselves could register with the federation anytime, the group will come up with the initial number of new Japanese descendants in the Philippines by November this year.

The result will be submitted to the Japanese embassy in Manila for possible action of the Japanese government to assist Shin-Nikkei-jins acquire Japanese nationality or locate their Japanese parent.

I hope the federation can help us process the papers of my two children and gain recognition by the Japanese government as Japanese nationals so that when they grow up and decide to work in Japan, they will be allowed, said Luz Marbella, 36, from Sorsogon.

Marbella, who is now married to a Filipino, is a mother of 9-year old boy and 7-year old girl, who she said are both Shin-Nikkei-jins.

She is not married to the father of her two children because he has his own family in Japan. However, Marbella, who worked as entertainer in Japan, said the Japanese recognized her kids as his children through the birth certificates that were submitted to the Philippine National Statistics Office (NSO).

The children, however, are not registered under the Japanese Family Registry or Koseki of their father. Filipino-Japanese children included in the Koseki of their Japanese father can easily acquire Japanese nationality.

Under Japanese law, all households are required to report births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and criminal convictions to their local authority, which compiles the information into a detailed family tree that encompasses everyone within their jurisdiction.

If those pieces of information are not recorded in the Koseki, the Japanese government does not officially acknowledge them.

Still, Yamaoka-Medina said they have taken the first steps to reach this goal. (OFW Journalism Consortium Inc. )





  • i have a friend whose grandfather was a japanese. unfortunately his grandfather died in the year 1931 due to accident. marriage record would show that his grandfather was a japanese but the name was not complete. only S. Nishiguchi appeared in the name of the bride.they also have no knowledge as to whether or not her grandfather reported the birth of her father to japan. my friend wanted to avail of the previlege given by japanese government to nikki jins. I hope you can help. thank you.

  • yumi

    im half japanese and hal filipino..i was born on 1988. my birth certificate have my japanese father’s signature at the back together with his name..i havent seen him after i was 2months old. i want to see my father and get to know the half part of me and i would also want to file my descendency coz i want to go to japan and still using my japanese father’s there any agency that could help me with this?

  • Merian

    My aunt had told me that we are a japanese descendants, coz she had seen our lastname in manila japanese embassy same as tru in davao japanese embassy.but as we had ask for a certification from Davao NSO they didnt give us a some coz they’re looking for our family tree. what will i do. my father could hardly trace our ancestor coz my grandfather is already dead. hope u can help us.

  • chrisler lumbayo

    my family was also a descendant the grandfather of my father is japanese his name is WATARU HAYASHI.He got married to a filipino,who knows that grandmother of my i interested to know this…so that i can go to japan to get a job will you help me.location SANTA CRUZ DAVAO DEL SUR

  • Lei Kumano – Odayan

    My father was sired by a Japanese said to be an employee or officer of the Mitsui Corporation in Lepanto, Mt. Province (Now part of Benguet Province) just before the WWII. My grandmother was pregnant when her Japanese fiancee suddenly disappeared just before WWII.

    Hope the MCLNAI could assist us locate our ancestor only known as “kumano”.


  • mary jane r.sta.ana

    im a former entertainer in japan,last 2003-2004.i had a relationship with a japanese.he knew he got me pregnant but he still abandoned my daughter is 3 years old.her surname is the same with me,the father did not sign anything.we only have his pictures and adress of his a mother i want to give my lara julia a bright future.please help me.she deserves her rights.thank you and i am hoping for your warm help.GOD BLESS

  • angelo del mar

    our granda is also japanese, but we can only remember his family name, he is “Capt. Sumada” based or assigned and died here in davao city during WW2..

    anybody knows him, pls. e-mail me @


  • Myrtle Q. So

    My friend is still searching and continuously searching her grandparents relative in Wakayama. However, until at present, she was not able to trace her ancestors. According to her father, while still alive, her grandfather came to the philippines and worked as carpenter. That was way back 1920. Accidentally, her grandfather, S. Nishiguchi fell down while doing carpentry work. Her grandfather was burried in the Public Cemetery of Mati, Davao Oriental but the name there is still S. Nishiguchi. It is true that her grandfather was a japanese as evidenced by a marriage contract which is still on file in the Local Civil Registrar’s Office. I hope our government can help them find a way to avail of the benefits given to descendants. Thank you very much.

  • roschell t. of sta ana manila

    im a former entertainer in japan,last 2004-2005.i had a relationship with a japanese.he knew he got me pregnant when im arrived here in the philippines he suport me and my baby before and last october 17 2006 he came here in the philippines and he stay with me and my baby in 3 days.That time our baby is 9 months old but now he stop supporting us now my baby turning 2 years ild this coming january 2008.her surname is the same with me,the father did not sign anything.we have our pictures together i have also his address and contact number. sometimes i try to call him but he always deny my a mother i want her to have bright future. All i want is give him our child an educational support i hope he settles everything for my child need i want to secure my child future.please help me she deserves her rights.thank you and i am hoping for your warm help.GOD BLESS

  • we and my family got a prodlem of a descendant. we had known(90%) that we are a descendant of a japanese with a surname of SUMADA,the japanese consultant we went that we and my family are one of the descendants of Captain Sumada. Now we are trying to find the name of yhe said person, but we think its hard. I’ve been searching for his name but then it si so hard. we need the cooperation of the japanese people live there in japan. we NEEED your help please.^_^GOD BLess! thank you! hope you COOPERATE^_^

  • and also please give us advice on how do we get it.

  • tess matsubuchi morgia taal

    my mother is the 2nd child of a japanese soldier who was reported missing in Bicol.My mother’s name is Fumiko while that of his brother is Ryoichi. As per record that I still keep up to this day, my grandfather is from Mago, Shiidamachi,Chikiyo-gun,Fukuoka-ken, Kyushu,Japan. My mother is now 64 years old and residing in USA. Hope you could help us find our relatives. thanks.

  • quincy miyake

    my name is quincy,my great grandfather is a japanese who came to the philippines before world war II.i am now 17 years old and living here in cagayan de oro city…my family once applied with this nikkei jin agency…we dont want to go to japan,all we wanted is to be acknowledge by the miyake there in japan that were existing here and were hoping for support….

    thats my email add..for you to contact me in case of any progress about the nikkei jin…

  • My grandmother is a daughter of Japanese way back before World War II. His fathers name is Masayoshi Asami. My grandmothers name is Masako Asami. According to my grandmother, his father(Masayoshi Asami) is a businessmen before here in the Philippines.Masayoshi Asami is from Wakayama, Japan. Please help my grandmother trace her origin in Wakayama.

  • Maria chuchi Escuyos Sugiyama

    My husband was a Japanese and we got 3 kids. Unfortunately, since our marriage he was not able to bring us to japan. He died last July 16,2004 and left nothing to us. I dont know what to do with my kids. they all stop their studies since he died. Our life is not really good at this time. I do not have any idea if he have our marriage in their family register. I have no idea before that the birth certificate of our children must be submitted to Japanese Embassy for their citizenship. I have been asking him about that before but he always told me to wait till they reach 18 years old. Now, my eldest Erika is now 20, and miyuki 18, and my youngest son is now 16 years old. Please tell me what I have to do so I can ask help from Japanese Embassy for their education as well as for their citizenship. Or is their any information you can share to me please feel free to write me in my e-mail address. I really need it. Thank you very much.

  • angela mampusti-sugiyama, mother of kookie andrea sugiyama

    i am married to a japanese named kouji sugiyama of shizuoka, japan and is blessed with a daughter named kookie andrea sugiyama. unfortunately a month after the our church wedding on oct. 25, 2003, he went back to japan leaving me pregnant and promised he’ll be back soon before i’ll give birth. the sad thing is…up to this moment he never came back..not even a phone call or even support when i gave birth last april 11, 2004.
    my marriage i believe is registered bec i have a copy of the koseki tohon. but my child is not. she is using her father’s last name but she is registered as a filipino citizen. is there any way of re-acquiring her japanese citizenship?
    i am really hopeless and helpless because i already called and went to the japanese embassy and asked for assistance but what thwy told me was this: “our only concern are the japanese who are here in the philippines and not the filipinas and their children who are abandoned by their fathers” that was reall shocking and so sad to know.
    i’m so glad to know that there are groups who aer looking for neglected japanese descendants. at least i know there is still hope.
    please help me and my daughter. i was left with nothing by my husband but my prescious child. i love her so much and im longing for a better future for her.
    i hope and pray that you could help us…God bless us all and more power to you.

  • please try to find my roots TSUKIMATA,SADAJIRO from Iligan City,Lanao del norte. just write to my email address, thank you eo much, more power!!!!!!!!!!


  • jackelyn inoue

    Im still hoping that I can find my father I really missed him a lot. the last time i saw him was when im 5 years old. and now that im 21 i still have no idea where he is…

  • Hiroshi Sumiya`

    Hi there!! I haven’t seen my dad since 1999, he left us here in Davao, not knowing what lies next to us.. We are in search of him, I hope someone can find a way and help us. I tried asking help from japanese NGO’s yet they really had a hard time searching for my father. If Anyone might meet him, or accidentally know him, please let me know, his name is YASUSHIGE SUMIYA, Born on August 1, 1929, Wakayama. He mentioned that we were in the family registration, and my problem is I don’t have his exact location in Japan. Hoping and praying that someone would just leave me a message and give me info’s on what to do, and how to find him..thanks and god bless

  • jr lagura

    miss tess matsubuchi we can assist you in your situation pls try to txt or call me at 09182514920

  • i am kazunori chiba 18yrs father is a japanese national but he abandoned us since my birth i never seen my father since my birth..i want to meet him and work in japan..what will i do??can you help me with my problem??pls contact me with this #3016277 or 09165402525.hoping for your humane response

  • edgar amoto

    willing to help u trace ur japanese relatives in japan i have arecord of japanese soldier names during ww2 return alive in japan.txt me or cal,#09162931026

  • melba artucilla

    yes im also the one of thousands mothers who has a children from japanese named tadanobu watanabe, we are living in japan last 1990 i got pregnant 7 months later go home in the phils. he support us in 6 months time but the family name of my twin girls is mine because we are not married at that time. i got back in japan as tourist to settle legal matters with him and he refuse to settle with me because he has a japanese wife now. and its getting worst because thou he support financially but he did not want to recognized my twins. all i want is the girls have thier rights as japanese and hopefully can have a privuledge as japanese decendanants too. thank you for your kind heart. for your answer and comment.

  • hope that all officer will make a good job, not fighting ther donor of japanese people ok

  • stop making money to the japanese donor

    na kakahiya yon ok, to nkj,kai

  • remy a former entertainer in japan, last 2004-2005. I’m married to a japanese named kota takada and is blessed with a daughter named airi takada.he went back to japan.and promised he’ll be back my baby turning 2 years old this coming dec.2008. now stop supporting us now. i try to call but he always deny my calls. all i want is give her our child an educational support.please help me and my daughter!I’m still hoping that i can find my husband i really missed him a lot.pls try to txt or call me at 09182696588 or leave me a message and give info’s on what to do,and how to find him… salamat po.

  • remy

    anybody knows him, pls.e-mail me @ danna no sunderutokoro desu rejidensu-kitayama 2061-176-1 kitaya-cho obu-shi aichi. sagashite kudasai! i really missed him a lot.pls. try to txt or call this # 819070572498. onesan tomomi ichiro(watakushi danna no ane desu) mail o shite kudasai! negattemasu! kodomoniwa renraku hoshi desu. mail to denwa mo dekinakute okane ga nai desu. danna no oyaniwa renraku hoshi datte ane mo.tasukete kudasai!!! sugoi shinpai desu mo danna no kazoku. shirabete kudasai! arigatou gozaimasu!!!

  • nat

    helow,.,.,I was One Of tHose descendants Who WeRe unabLe To see tHeir japanese father and Was refused to Be accepted as Their daughter,.,.,Actually I have a Twin Sister,.,.,.,mY fathers name was tadanobu watanaDe,.,.For 17 Years ,..we Haven’t seen my father,,i hEared he was now married ,..,and was happy with his family,..,i am happy for him too,..,i’m now turning 18 and my very wish is just to see him even in the internet,.,.just one picture of him is more than enough,.i dont wish for more,.,.like going to japan and earn lots of money,,.i just want to see him and to make him remember the past that he once burried,with Faith in my heart,.,i believe that someday,.,.we will see each other,.,.i dont know how to speak japanese language nor how to write it,.,.
    i want to send him a letter to let him knOw that my birthday is coming,….i want him to know that i eagerly want to see him,.,.i Want to tell something,.,.,i Dont know what was that somEthing,.,but all i kNow is that something lives inside my heart for a very long time,.,.im not hoping for many things,.,.im not hoping that someday i will be rich because im a japanese descendant,..i just want him,.,i just want my father,.,.thank you for Reading,.,.GoD bless

  • nat

    for corrections,.,.my fathers name was tadanobu watanabe,.,.thank you

  • nat

    If someone Knew My father and has an email of him,.,can you give it to mE??

    this is my very first time to search for him,.,because i tried to hate him before ,.,.,but i can’t hate the thing were i came from,.and the pErson Who gave me life,.im still thankfull for that,.,.i believe that evrything happens for a reason,.and that reason will not surely put me in vain,..,

    i just want his picture and email,..,thank you in advance,.,.

  • Jona Cuizon

    I’d like to know how to file for financial assistance to the japanese father of my niece. He’d been responsible for the past four years and recently he seemed to get tired of his responsibility as a father to his son. I hope this website could help…

  • Joel P. Lavadan / takara

    Good day!

    My name is Joel P. Takara, but my father used the family name of his step father when his japanese father left the Philippines that’s why in my records I am Joel P. Lavadan but I already have the birth certificate with takara as the family name. My cousins are already in Japan working since 1990s grabbing the opportunity of being japanese descendants. My family and I wanted to grab the opportunity too, because my father was recognized by his japanese father as his son when he came here in the Philippines way back late 1980s. During the interview last 2005 at japanese embassy manila we were unfortunate to accept the approval or get the visa. I do not know why, infact we are true japanese descendants. but, I’m very hopeful in God’s perfect time that me and my family would be given such opportunity.

    I just would like to ask advises or perhaps help from you on what shall we do again.Because the last time, it was an agency who processed our papers….I hope you could help us…this is my email address

  • james

    I’m a son of a japanese and I want to find my father.
    what should I do?

  • Ms. Tsukimata

    i am a japanese desendant (4th generation). my grandmother’s father is a japanese who came here in the Philipines before WW2. we are applying in nikkei jin now. but sad to say, they couldnt find my great grandfather’s name SADAJIRO TSUKIMATA from fukuoka, japan.

    i hope someone can help me find my japanese ancestry.

    you can call me or send me text message through 0915-70-38-646

    thank you~

  • yumiko arai

    my father leave when i was 11 years old.can you help me and gve a chance to see my father again..

  • Ako po ay isang binata atapo ng isang Hapones. Ang lolo ko po ay isang sundalong Hapones at namatay noong maliit pa daw ang tatay ko at ang mga kapatid nya. Kompleto na po ang aming mga papeles.Kaso lang po,Apat lang kami ang rehistradong nagdala ng apelyedo ng tatay ko kasi kaming apat lang ang may late registration.Noong ipinanganak kasi kami, Sinadyang itago ng tatay ko ang tunay nyang pangalan at ibang pangalan ang ginamit nya noong iparehistro nya kami sa takot na baka mapatay sya tulad ng ama nya dahil sa panahong iyon, ipinapapatay ang mga kaanak at nagdadala ng apelyedong Hapones katulad nga ng nangyari sa aming lolo na pinatay ng mga gerilya noong panhon ng digmaan…May pumunta sa amin noon at nagpakilalang taga Japanese Agency sa nanay ko. Ipinangako at ipinaasa daw nila na kaming lahat ay papupuntahin ng Japan. Ibigay lang daw ang aming mga papeles at sila lang daw ang bahala.Sabay pa sa pagsasqabing parang nanakot na kapag di daw ibibigay ni nanay ang aming mga papeles ay i-ba block daw ng Japan ang aming mga papeles at dina daw kami mabibigyan ng pagkakataong makapunta ng Japan. Sa totoo lang po wala talaga pinag aralan ang nanay ko. Ni hindi nga sya nakatuntong ng grade 1.Hindi nga sya marunong bumasa at sumulat kaya madali syang nakumbensi ng mga nagkukunwaring mga tao. Lingid sa aming kaalamang magkakapatid ang pangyayaring iyon. Nang maibalik ang aming mga papeles ay apat sa aming magkakapatid ang may late registration na; Yong dalawa kong kapatid na may asawa, yong panganay naming lalaki at ako…Nagtaka nalang kami ng hindi na sila bumalik pa. Tangay na nila ang original copies ng aming mga papeles. Dahil wala kaming paghabol kasi mahirap lamang kami, hinayaan nalang namin at ibinaon sa limot ang mga pangyayaring iyon. Ngayong taong ito, napagpasyahan kong mag asawa na. Tapos na akong mamanhikan.Isa kasi sa mga requirements bago ikasal ay ang CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. Laking gulat ko nalang ng makuha at mabasa ko ang aking CENOMAR. Ikinasal na pala ako sa dalawang babaeng hindi ko kakilala. Nagtaka ako kung paano nangyari yon kaya inalam ko at sinuri ang mga yon hanggang sa ma trace ko ang pinagmulan ng lahat. Yong mag asawa palang ANA at Antonio FIRMIZA, na sysng pumunta sa amin noon ang may kagagawan ng lahat. Buti nalang at natulungan kami ng PAO or Public Attorney’s Office at napatunayan kaya nabigyan kami ng Affidavit of Cancellation. Kaso wala kaming pere pambayad pangkansela or pam publication. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Handa po akong magpa C.I at magpainterbyu sa inyo. Salamat po…

  • Ang adress ko po ay sa Purok 3 Bantacan, New Bataan, Compostela Valley…

  • wenchi

    My name is Wenchi Apple Moriyama.I’ve been looking for my father for quite a long time now.I’m 29 years old. I was born January 3,1982.My father’s name is kouichi Moriyama.My mother and my father meet in Kagoshima Japan.My mother worked there as an entertainer in a hotel there in kagoshima and my father was a manager at that time and an english interpreter.I don’t know what happened but when I was 3 years old,my father stop communicating with us.I don’t believe he abandoned me because he was so excited when i was born that he even went here in the Philippines.I have pictures of him and pictures of him with me and my mother when i was a month old.When I started school,we move in a lot.since were only renting a house.I believe my father was still alive.I don’t know where to ask for help.i already losing hope in finding my father.hope someone could help me!your help will deeply appreciated!thank you!

    my e-mail add is and my contact number is 09214909172.


  • mary

    hi po iam mary i was working in japan 2001 to 2005 as a entertainer in tokyo japan…. i had blessed baby from a japanese eiji igarashi from tokyo my daughter now 9 yers old just i want to see him nothing else…..wen iam was a pregnant he came to davao several times bt last wen i birth my baby girl he nver come back bt since i birth he send financial support until 4years….but how i recognize him….plzzz u can help i dont know….


    hello po. taga mindanao po ako zamboanga del norte. may daalawa po akong anak sa hapon ang isa naiwan ko po dun ang isa ay nasa akin. last 3 years ago nag pa enrol napo ako sa may ngo. pero malabo po ang resulta pls help me gusto ko pong makita ang anak ko na babae dun. nakuha po kc nya ang custody. last 2002 po ako umuwi dito dahil dinivorce po nya ako na hindi ko po alam. saana po matulunga \n po ninyo ako. salamat. handa po akong ilahad ang lahat kong nanaisin po ninyo.

  • marianne yecyec

    we are in HARADA clan from davao city, hanggang ngayon po di parin kami nakakakuha ng informations about sa name ng aming lolo (HARADA san) name lang po ang kulang sa amin, ilang beses na na interview ang auntie ko at member pa nga sya dito sa davao nikki jin kai since 19778-or 70, at pabalik balik po kaming lumapit sa kanila pero di namin alam kung bakit di nila kami bibigyan ng info. about sa mga japanese came here 1903 before world war 1 …. yon lang naman po ang hinihinhgi po namin list lang at di po kami basta basta na kukuha nalang ng name na HARADA kung di naman para sa amin at mahirap po yon ayaw naming mapahiya…. at di kami naniniwala na wala talagang record ang lolo namin foreman po sya dito worker isa na sa mga pinadala dito sa davao alam po namin na confidential lang yon pero sana po bigyan nyo kami ng chances na makaalam kung sino ang great grandpa namin. may isa lang po syang anak babae ipinganak noong april 10, 1910 wife nya may ari po ng 63 hectares sa luman calinan, Diangan native po ang wife nya si Esperanza Lianga ang kanyang wife, namatay po yong japanese noong 1914 sa sakit na pasma…. we all hope from our entire family dito sa davao na sana magkaroon po kayo ng trust sa amin na di kami nagsisinungaling…. thank you very much and Christbless

  • Mailene Oclarit

    Hi may name is Mailene Oclarit.I was 18yrs old when i got in japan and met MIKIO YAHIRO.i got pregnant and became a mother when i was 19yrs old.Mikio Yahiro didnt recognize my son,we have no communication at all by now.My problem is my son carries my family name OCLARIT.My son’s name is MIKIO OCLARIT.Because the hospital where my child born wouldnt let my son out if there is no father’s signature.So my own father signed his birth certificate.I had no idea what happend in the hospital because i was really felt like im dying that time,.My question is, What should i do about this?Where can i find help?Please help me about this.As of now i am jobless and i cant even buy my son things that he likes,food that he wants to eat etc.Please Help…

  • Mailene Oclarit

    As of now my son just turned 8yrs old.And im turning 28yrs old.My son wants to meet his father MIKIO YAHIRO. He only saw his father in a picture.

  • Mailene Oclarit

    Hoping that you could help me with this, or just give me some ideas of what should i do ’bout this.I will wait for your reply Maam/Sir..

    Thank you..

  • Myca

    Hello. 🙂 Konnichiwa, minna-san.

    Recently, I’ve asked my mother regarding our ancestry, she says that in our lineage we have Japanese running in our veins. I asked her for the surname she said it was “Shita”, I am unsure yet because she finds it uncomfortable to talk about my family history and I don’t know why. She is more conservative in giving information about my father because of their past. I do not know anything about my father other than his name. (and that he is half Chinese) and she never told me anything about her side of the family unless I ask.
    Anyway I am really curious of our Japanese lineage and I was wondering if anyone could help me with (at least) the whole name and the location of my ancestors. I’m asking my mother’s sister (my tita) about our ancestral roots as well, maybe she knows a thing or two since they are blood related.
    Another problem is my mother also stopped contacting me the past few months. She works in Canada and we chat but now she doesn’t reply to my messages. She was supposed to arrive here in the Philippines last December 12. She didn’t show up. Even her sister, nor my half-sister and my step-dad know anything.

    You see it’s hard to trace my ancestral roots because I am adopted so I know so little about my family background.
    My mother’s hometown in Davao is Cateel. That’s all I know. I have not yet met any of my relatives there. I only know my half-sister and step-dad, and of course my adoptive family.
    If it is possible, I would like to know more about my Japanese ancestors. Thank you. ありがとうございます。

  • raquel Ichikawa

    hi im raquel ichikawa may anak po ako sa una kong asawa na hapon ngayon 10 yrs old npo cya at hnd sya nkapasok sa kisokitohon ng papa nya hanggang nag divorce nlng po kmi kaya hingi po ako ng tulong kung pede po sana khit yung anak ko nlng po kasi alam nya na anak cya ng hapon pero hnd nya japanese citizin kaya gusto nya pumunta ng japan pero isa cya pilipino citizin kaya gusto nya kunin karapatan nya na maging japanese citizin hnd npo nmin alam at kontak ng papa nya pra sa pag regognized sa kanya

  • Kafelin Shiina Gomez

    Hi I’m Kafelin Shiina when im single, and now my surname is Gomez when i got married last August 26,2006. Anak po ako ng isang japanese name KEIICHI SHIINA of chiba ken kasiwa shi japan, pru hindi ko pa po xa nkikita since birth till now im already 27 yrs old. Dami na pong nah aalok ng tulong sa akin na mga agent na tutulongan nla aq pra mging isang descendant. But sad to say, ni isa sa knila wala pa ring results till now. I wnt to work in japan as descendant but how poh? Last 2007 nag inquire kmi sa nikki jin ki davao pru sabi nla ung mga anak lng dw during world warII ang kini cater nla… so nging hopeless aq… married poh mama at ppa kong hapon… help me plz how to process…

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