LDP throws support for Duterte

May. 03, 2016

DAVAO CITY – The Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) announced on Tuesday, May 3, that they are supporting the presidential bid of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte.

“The LDP has decided to give Mayor Duterte its full and unequivocal support because we believe his platform addresses the core problems of the country, at this crucial juncture in our history,” LDP Chairman Edgardo J. Angara said in a statement.

The political party said they are throwing they support for Duterte because they believe that he “offers the best hope for structural change.”

Angara, a former senator from 1987 to 1998 and from 2001 to 2013, added that “Duterte’s Peace and Prosperity Agenda directly responds to the plight of the Filipino.”

LDP’s support came as Duterte faces allegations of “hidden wealth”.

Leoncio Evasco, Duterte’s national campaign manager said there is an ongoing “vilification campaign aimed at stopping the certain victory of Duterte.”

On Sunday, May 1, Evasco said they have received “alarming information” about the dirty tactics being employed by Duterte’s rivals.

The information, he said, pertained to a “special operation that involves men who wear Duterte shirts and other materials that are identifiable with Duterte” to attack other candidates’ supporters.”

“With less than one week to go, these will even intensify and become more than just insidious – they are in fact becoming physically dangerous and threatening to democracy,” said Evasco. (davaotoday.com)

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