PNP-10: More than a thousand cops in drug enforcement units tested negative for drugs

Jul. 30, 2018

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines – More than 1,000 law enforcers belonging to the various anti-drug units in the region have tested negative for traces of illegal substance, the Philippine National Police-10 (PNP-10) said Monday, July 30.

PNP-10 spokesperson Supt. Surki Sereñas said all police officers from the drug enforcement units (DEUs) in Northern Mindanao underwent the surprise drug testing during the first Anti-Illegal Drugs Summit held at the PNP regional headquarters on Friday.

The summit, Sereñas, was an opportune time to initiate the surprise drug test, which was conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the region.

He said no one from among those who were subjected to the testing had tested positive.

“We are doubly proud and confident that our campaign against illegal drugs is gaining headway,” he said.

The result, he added, “manifested that our internal cleansing program is effective in keeping our ranks, particularly our [DEUs], drug-free.”

Sereñas said the drug testing was intended for only the DEU operatives, adding those personnel who usually lead the drug raids and other anti-illegal drugs operations were the ones getting tested.

“Our drug enforcement units can now walk with pride that on one among them were found positive. This has given them moral ascendancy to enforce the law to the fullest extent,” he said.

“This is also part of our continuous campaign to cleanse our rank of misfits and undesirables, particularly our anti-illegal drugs operatives,” said PNP-10 regional intelligence chief Supt. Rodolfo Hernandez.

PNP-10 regional director Chief Supt. Timoteo Pacleb said the drug testing was one of the ways to determine who among the ranks are involved in illegal drugs.

“This will ensure that only those personnel whose service reputation are unsullied, those whose record are unblemished and those whose character are beyond suspicion remain in our special unit such as the Drug Enforcement Unit,” Pacleb said.(

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