Security to be tightened during Kadayawan

Aug. 16, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Authorities here reminded again the public to follow security protocols and traffic rules in attending various events of this year’s Kadayawan Festival.

Davao City Police Office (DCPO) spokesperson Senior Insp. Maria Teresita Gaspan said the public should bring with them any valid identification card and follow the security measures to be implemented for the duration of the festivities. The identification, said Gaspan, is one of the measures they are implementing as they tighten security in the entire city when tourists flock to various events.

Even with the ongoing martial law in the entire Mindanao, Gaspan said, authorities still need to tighten security protocols to assure the public, especially the visitors, of their safety.

Gaspan also mentioned that authorities prohibit the public from carrying backpacks and covered canisters, and from wearing bull caps, shades, face mask, carrying bladed weapons, and firearms especially those who plan to watch the street dancing and Floral Float. These items, she said, might be used for bombing and other violent activities by terrorists.

“This year, we will not put up a baggage area for those who will witness the Indak-Indak and Pamulak because this is just additional work for our police who are intended for security and safety,” said Gaspan.

Gaspan reiterated that a person who is bringing any prohibited item will no longer be allowed to enter the activity area as authorities are strictly imposing the no-entry policy.

She also added that bomb jokes, liquor drinking in public and bringing of big bags are strictly not allowed. She also reminded parents to watch carefully their children.

DCPO deployed more than 10,000 police personnel, volunteer police auxiliary and civilian volunteers to secure the festivity.

Meanwhile, the Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) will close 20 road intersections to pave the way for the street dancing and Floral Float competitions on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Three intersections leading to San Pedro Square have already been closed for the preparations of various events such as evening concerts, among others.

The road will be closed to all vehicles starting at 2 a.m. on Aug. 18 to 4 p.m. on Aug. 19 but alternative routes will be opened so that no vehicles will be stuck in traffic.

CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude said that they will be deploying 375 traffic enforcers in all alternative intersections and highways to man the traffic flow as commuters are now already experiencing traffic jams in the urban center and national roads.

Abude also asked private vehicle owners to follow the parking rules to avoid congestion of vehicles. He added that parking rules will be strictly implemented and the agency will surely implement towing of vehicles in ‘No parking’ areas.

Just for the Kadayawan, Abude said, the CTTMO will allow jaywalking in the downtown area where the crowd is expected to gather to witness the street dancing and Floral Float competitions.

“We will be lenient on that because our visitors, siyempre, they want to join so we will give them a chance,” said Abude. (

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