DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Two traffic enforcers found themselves jobless two days after their photo boarding motorcycles with the same plates went viral on social media.

City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) chief Dionesio Abude said traffic enforcers Pedro Pebria and Edwin Buenvenida were terminated effective today, November 9.

The photo of Pedro and Buenvenida that went viral last Tuesday showed the two officers using motorcycles that have the same plate number. The photo was taken by a Facebook user along Quimpo Boulevard here. Abude said he also saw the post on social media.

Abude said the two officers confirmed they were the ones in photos using the same plate numbers.The traffic chief said the radio units issued on the enforcers were already confiscated.

Abude said the two admitted that Buenvenida borrowed Pebria’s old plate.The original plate was owned by Pebria and Buenvenida used it since 2013.

“Buenvenida borrowed it because he planned to buy a second hand motorcycle. By that statement alone, we saw that clearly they have the intention to do it,” he said.

Based on their admission, Abude said the traffic enforcers are found to have committed grave misconduct and dishonesty.

“It’s also a violation of our traffic rules and regulations. You should not duplicate plate numbers,” he said.

Abude said the two enforcers are also working on the same location.

Abude said Pebria is working with CTTMO for 16 years and Buenvenida for three years. The two, however, remains as contractual workers. (davaotoday.com)

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