A woman evacuee read aloud the Arabic prayer written in the wall of an unrecognized evacuation center inside a Madrasah school in Toril, Ubaldo Laya in Iligan City. The walls of the evacuation center are used for teaching children evacuees learn Arabic prayers.(Kath M. Cortez/davaotoday.com)

  • JohnYouAreSoCorrect

    Twice I have sent very current and important stories to this website via email.
    Most recently, I wrote about a fire that devastated a Davao City neighborhood, and I sent photos.
    You chose not to publish those stories for some reason, which is fine.
    But you should at least send a very quick “thank you” to those who are trying to help you.
    Perhaps you don’t appreciate your readers either.

  • lily

    probably because its not for their best interest, that’s why.

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