REYNA DAVAOEÑA. (L-R) First runner up Reyna Catalunan Grande Jeysyn Ramos, Reyna Davaoena Reyna Calinan Rojean M. Buhian and 2nd runner up Reyna Toril Anne M. Fernandez join the Parada Dabawenyo on Saturday, March 16. ‘Reyna Davaoeña’ is the first pageant for transgender women in Davao City. (RJS/

  • jose

    If you are born with male parts, you will always be male.
    If you are born with female parts, you will always be female.

    You can find corrupted psychologists who will tell you otherwise, and you can hire unprincipled surgeons who’ll carve up your body, but DNA doesn’t lie.
    Your chromosomes can’t be surgically altered.

    Anyone who desires to become the opposite sex is a mentally disturbed person who needs compassionate counseling (by an ethical counselor), not a new wardrobe or surgery.

    No one gives liposuction to anorexics.
    No one should attempt to surgically transform someone when that person only needs counseling for being sexually confused.
    No one should encourage people to believe a delusion.

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