WISH GRANTED. A pupil from Teodoro Palma Gil Elementary School in Davao City happily hugs General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa during the Kabataan Kontra Droga Symposium, Wednesday, February 28. The little girl requested to hug her “idol” in the middle of the program where dela Rosa was the guest speaker. (Robby Joy D. Salveron/davaotoday.com)

  • john appleseed

    Bato, speaking to the public about accused drug users:
    “Would you like to kill them? Go ahead. Why don’t you give them a visit, pour gasoline on their homes and set these on fire to register your anger.”
    Start a neighborhood fire, possibly killing many children like the one pictured, all because someone is accused of using drugs.
    Why didn’t Duterte fire Bato for saying that?
    Because this kind of irresponsible speech has characterized the Duterte administration.

    I have known many former drug users who are now clean.
    I’m glad no one burned them in their homes, or shot them in the street.

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