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11 years ago

Today’s View: Liar Dream

Today’s View: Liar Dream


Davao Today

Liar, because the speaker is an incorrigible liar and the promises are lies.  Dream, because the people are made to hope and expect “a kingdom come” or “a state of better living” or “a more comfortable life,” or at least a more “humane earthly existence.”  Which never ever comes.  Not today, not tomorrow, not until the end of time!

15 years ago

Ludenio Monzons Killing: A Chronicle of a Death Foretold?


Human rights advocates wanted authorities to look beyond the fact that Monzon was killed by ski-mask wearing men on motorcycle.

They (investigating authorities) should look into the fact that Monzon was once vilified by the military, said Erlin Balinton, a volunteer of human rights group Karapatan who documented the circumstances of Monzons death. He had a case filed with the Commission on Human Rights in October last year about how the military harassed him. They should look into his activities when he was still alive, if only to establish who could possibly have the motive to take his life.
Balinton said that Karapatan has yet to find out about what police actions were being done in Boston. Read on.