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6 years ago

Ka Oris beaming at CPP’s 45


Ka Oris, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front – Mindanao smiles to reporters during a press conference on the 45th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines last December 26 somewhere in Agusan del Sur. Ka Oris called red fighters to advance the armed struggle to achieve stalemate in the next few years ( photo contributed by Leah Valle)

7 years ago

NDF Mindanao scores Misuari’s “ambition”, Aquino’s “brutality”


The NDF spokesperson also said the Moro struggle would not end with the recent armed conflict, pointing out that the “(t)he reactionary regime’s divide-and-rule tactic would merely delay the fruition of the true aspirations of the Moro people.” “We are most certain that, should the GPH succeed to encumber one group, others would rise in its place to continue the struggle to resolve the fundamental problems of the Moro people,” Ka Oris aid.