Mekong fish, a lucrative alternative to bangus and tilapia?

Jan 22, 2009

Mekong catfish, popularly known in Davao as “pangasius,” is a fish that naturally grows from the Mekong river delta. Thinking of the local “hito,” Mindanao fish growers easily relates to it. ( photo)

A strange fish circled its way around the narrow confines of an aquarium that attracted crowds around the Vitarich booth in a recent Mindanao investment forum here. It had the head of a catfish, which reminds Mindanao growers of the local hito, but with the flat body of most saltwater fish. According to the posters that Vitarich posted on the wall, this catfish can grow as big as a shark.

For Davao folk, Havaianas are not just fashionista flip-flops

May 19, 2008

Rita Kanlogon, 42, a housewife from Lanang, said she learned about the durability of Havaianas through her friends from abroad. She said she bought each of her two teenage sons a pair of the flip-flops because their slippers often had to be replaced.

“Havaianatics” flaunt their pairs at a recent “Make Your Havaianas” event in Davao City. ( photo by Jonald Mahinay)

Lanikai Resort: Tagum’s heaven by the sea

May 05, 2008

Lanikai is Hawaiian for ‘heaven by the sea’. Indeed, many think that the place is just this side of the garden of Eden, especially because the vacation spot is designed to be serene and exclusive.

For those who want to be almost enveloped by blueness, there is a gazebo on the edge of the shore. ( photo by Jonald Mahinay)