Fisherfolks ask for access to shores as coastal​ r​oad project​ goes full swing​

Jul. 12, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Local fishermen has asked the city government to provide them safer access to ​the shores for them to land and to protect their boats against battering monsoon waves.

According to the fishermen in Barangay Talomo , the 35-kilometer road project that will stretch from Bago Aplaya to Sta. Ana wharf ​wa​s depriving them access to safer shorelines and higher grounds that protect their fishing boats from strong monsoon waves, especially during typhoons.

​The fishermen aired their concern during the Franciscan Religious Congregation visit on June 29​ as they appealed for a safe port to dock and shelter for their fishing boats.

“Ten of the fishing boats donated by the government have already been damaged after hitting boulders piled along the pavement,” said Jimmy Tormis, President of Barangay Fisherfolks Association Marine Council.

​The fishermen will ​submit a position letter to appeal ​for support ​from the communit​ies​.

“After visiting the fisher folks’ community, and having personally heard of their pressing requests and founded apprehensions, the group could not let this experience pass by not doing anything, lest the ‘cry of these poor people’ fell on deaf ears,” said the FDP participants in a statement.

Residents whose houses were identified for demolition to make way for the project also asked the government to allow them to rebuild their houses near the sea to enable them to continue fishing, their sole means of livelihood.

The Department and Public Work and Highways region 11 Director Allan Borromeo said that the next phase of the Davao City Coastal Bypass Road connecting Times Beach to Sta. Ana Pier area is expected to commence.

This project is expected to be completed by 2022 with P19 billion budget in total for the whole project. (

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