Melo Commission Report: Recommendations

Feb. 23, 2007

F. Enhancement of investigative capabilities of the PNP and NBI.

The investigative capabilities of the PNP and NBI should be improved and enhanced through the following measures, among others:

(a) improvement of the forensic laboratories and equipment of the PNP and NBI and further training of forensic technicians;

(b) establishment of a national automated ballistic information system;

(c) procurement of a software program for composite sketches of suspects;

(d) adoption of crime mapping in all police stations and NBI offices; and

(e) strengthening of the information reward system.

G. Proper orientation and training of security forces.

Perhaps much of the failure of the proper and accountable officers to prevent, investigate, or punish criminal acts by their subordinates stems from a lack of proper understanding and emphasis on the present concept of command responsibility. The AFP should be encouraged and supported to conduct intensive seminars, orientations, or training for mid to high-ranking officers, to make them conscious of the prevailing doctrines of command responsibility, and the ramifications thereof. This will hopefully foster responsibility and accountability among the officers concerned, as well as the men they command.

Understandable is the militarys wariness in dealing with the party list organizations. However, unless otherwise declared outside the law by competent authority, these organizations should be treated with fairness and their members should not be unilaterally considered as enemies of the state.

As suggested in Amnesty Internationals 14-point Program for the prevention of extra-legal executions: The prohibition of extra-judicial executions should be reflected in the training of all officials involved in the arrest and custody of prisoners and all officials authorized to use lethal force and in the instructions issued to them. These officials should be instructed that they have the right and duty to refuse to obey any order to participate in an extrajudicial execution. An order from a superior officer or a public authority must never be invoked as a justification for taking part in an extra-judicial execution.

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[101] See 18 U.S.C.A. section 3521.

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