A city traffic enforcer issues a violation ticket to a PUV driver along the national highway in Bangkal, Davao City on Thursday, Aug. 24. (Mick Basa/davaotoday.com)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Traffic enforcers here are flexing their muscles to prepare for a stricter measure against violators of the city’s ​t​raffic​ c​ode.

The City Transport and Traffic Management Office on Wednesday started training 400 personnel for the ​work, and more than half of this number, or 250, would eventually handle the.enforce​ment of​ citation tickets against violators​, said ​CTTMO Chief Dionesio Abude ​in a telephone interview.

The traffic enforcers who were trained will also take an exam to determine who ​among them would qualif​y ​for enforcement duties.

Abude admitted that number is not enough to cover the whole city. At present, the city ​has ​only 90 deputized enforcers from the Land Transportation Office.

He added that handing out citation tickets to violators will make the public think twice before parking illegally or crossing the street.

“We want a discipline in our streets. With ​fewer violations, our streets will also be more orderly,” Abude said.(davaotoday.com)

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