​It is good to hear the latest information about DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman. At least she has not failed our expectations. She lied. And that’s quite an exemplary act of courage it gives us proof of the best in her character. We would have been dismayed if she told the truth, because by telling the truth she would have betrayed herself and would have committed a grievous act of treachery against Malacanang. We therefore, salute Madam Dinky for a job well done. We now have a clearer, deeper no-nonsense insight into her real nature.

​Let us not waste our golden time writing critical words about what she did. Or use up precious emotion by bandying around harsh expletives about her person. We unconditionally commend her. She has admirably transformed. Yes, a few years back she was not as brave as this—a woman very courageous to have lied with a splendid show of equanimity! Very few women could have mustered such extraordinary act of sacrifice and heroism.

​During former President Gloria Arroyo’s presidency, Madam Dinky gave in to her weakness—telling a lot of truth about Gloria. Or did she also lie then? If so, hers would have been a praiseworthy act and faithfully would she have glorified the diminutive Lady President.

​Indeed, it is not right to criticize, much more, utter nasty words about Secretary Soliman — like what one netizen said of her nicely colored hair as “like that of an addict”. For all we know it is her way of matching a visible physical feature with an inward transformation. It should not surprise us anymore. If years ago, Secretary Soliman as an NGO executive was not like what she is now, it’s because she has entered into the world of an amazingly strange logic of existence and an entirely different ideological foundation for its survival.

​We, people of the Philippines, should not anymore wonder and be angry if we witness despicable acts or immoral conduct by people in the government bureaucracy. Employees and subordinates of political bosses in the State apparatus have their own ethical norms and mores. As much as possible they should support and defend by the filth of their own words the lies, deceptions and thefts of their superiors. And Soliman’s superior happens to be the President of the republic—a mere President, mind you, who must demand by the awesome power of his office her untainted loyalty at all times. Yes, at all times! And especially at such time when a man of God must be prevented from seeing unpleasant things that could cause him “sore eyes”.

​So, at a time like this, we have no choice but to “see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil” of Madam Dinky’s charming prevarications. On her part, she has no other choice but to be true to the mandate of her role and position. And that is — lie and lie and lie to the crinkles of her tongue, and firm up the facade of hypocrisy and deceit of the State, lest the doors of the Palace like the proverbial gates of hell will be flung open upon her if she spoke the truth.

​We would have wished that Madam Dinky did another “Hyatt act” even if by herself alone. But perhaps she and the rest of the Hyatt 10 have deeply entrenched themselves with unseemly deeds under the administration of President Noynoy Aquino their sensibilities have grown callous beyond repair. Short of being Napoles-like, their NGO foundations have long been abandoned and their beginnings totally forgotten. They have turned into veritable politicians and have adopted the politician’s insidious ways. Civil society from where they began as toddler’s in the political game must be enamored by the quick way they have climbed up to the helm of power and become experts in their respective shady performances.

​But not far from the observing public’s vantage point we behold a noble son of a former dictator flinging rhetorical inquisitions to Madam Dinky. And he did so in seemingly flamboyant manner— like a true clone of his father—without the least quiver of guilt in his tongue for the sins of his own parents during their own times. We are truly amused—no, entertained to infinite heights (lol) — by this extremely ridiculous drama scene unfolding before us.

​What a concrete dialectical interplay of the “holy and unholy”, the “merciful and harsh”, the “compassionate and cruel” in these recent events in Philippine history!

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