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The City Hall of Davao ( file photo by Ace R. Morandante)

DAVAO CITY – Davao’s plan to beam “free” wireless fidelity (WiFi) service in the city has been given a green light as local legislators here approved with finality the ordinance backing the said project on Tuesday, April 19.

“This time we don’t have to spend so much since the Wi-Fi is already accessible,” said Councilor Joanne M. Bonguyan-Quillos, the proponent of the ordinance.

The ordinance will then authorize the city government to strike an agreement between the Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communication Technology Office (DOST-ICT) to implement the project.

The city aims to implement free WiFi internet access in public places, the ordinance reads.

Bonguyan explained that since the ordinance has been passed, they will be waiting for the formal memorandum of agreement with the mayor.

For now, the project is on its bidding phase, which is implemented by the DOST-ICT.

“It is a billion project for the whole Philippines but they can’t still give the exact figure of the budget here in Davao because there is still a bidding,” Bonguyan explained.

Public schools eyed as WiFi spots

Bonguyan said that the WiFi spots will be identified by the DOST-CIT, and not the local government.

“They have mentioned that they will put it in most public places here in Davao City particularly in public schools,” Bonguyan said.

Bonguyan promoted that people don’t have to go to the malls or coffee shops just to avail a free WiFi in the public.

She said that this would aid the students in their research, apart from enabling them to check their e-mails.

Outskirts to get WiFi hotspots too

Bonguyan said that the project will not be limited in downtown areas, but would also cover outlying areas such as Marilog and Paquibato.

“The main purpose of this project is to give opportunities to the far-flung areas, that is one of the commitments of the Dost-ICT,” Bonguyan explained.

Bonguyan shared that the DOST CIT already started this project from the other cities in the Philippines. Davao City will be the fourth city to implement the ordinance.

Monthly bill, daily quota

Bonguyan said that the public would have to pay a minimal monthly bill for the free public WiFi.

“The DOST-ICT committed that the monthly bill will be lesser than electricity bill,” she explained.

Bonguyan explained that the people should register to avail the free WiFi through their e-mail any time of the day.

She clarified that people can only avail a maximum of 50mb a day.

“They can use it anytime of the day but limited to 50mb a day only, so that all of the people can avail,” she explained.

Councilor Bonguyan expected that the program will be implemented before the end of 2016. (

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