Martial law is no answer to culture of impunity

Dec. 13, 2009

The Union of People’s Lawyers in Mindanao (UPLM) viewed with much alarm and grave concern the Arroyo government’s declaration of Martial Law in the province of Maguindanao.

The declaration shows how weakened the government institutions have become in the face of the monstrosity spawned by the November 23 Amapatuan Massacre.

That there is a need for a martial law declaration to effect the arrest of the butchers and mssterminds of the Ampatuan Massacre is a telling indication of failing state that the country is in today.

The Arroyo government’s declaration of Martial Law means an open invitation  for more violations of Human Rights by the military,  as what happened during the darkest years of the Marcos Dictatorship.

We are doubly apprehensive, too, that the Arroyo government — now in the twilight of its fascistic rule —  will only use the declaration of Martial Law as a ruse for more desperate acts by the regime to further perpetuate itself in power beyond 2010.

We demand that the rule of law be respected during this increasingly dangerous times.

To end the CULTURE OF IMPUNITY, our call is to advance and respect the Rule of Law, NOT a Martial Law Declaration!!!



For reference:

Atty. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate

UPLM Secretary General

Secretariat office: Room 206, Kalinaw Center for Interfaith Resources

13 Francisco Ave., Juna Subd., Matina, 8000 Davao City

Email address:   Telefax 082 299 4964

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