Wishing what the President says on her Sona

Jul. 27, 2009

Wishing what the President says on her Sona

I wish that she would tell the truth, that there will really be no Charter change. I am not against Charter changebut after 2010, maybenot right now. — Edgar Ibuyan, councilor, Davao City first district

I wish that she would be very transparent about her plans for 2010 because right now she has been keeping her cards close to her chest. We don’t really know if she will be running. People are saying that she’s going to run for congressman in Lubao (Pampanga). I want her, once and for all, to put a stop to all these guessing and to just tell us the truth: Will there be elections in 2010? She has been saying there will be (elections) but as to what kind; and whether we’ll be shifting from Presidential to Parliamentary, she has been very quiet. — Zuleika Lopez, secretary, Davao City Council

Two things: Come up with a straight-cut policy on Balikatan housing foreclosure issue and come up with a solution to the countrys housing problem. — Danilo Dayanghirang, councilor, Davao City second district

That she is going to step down, that’s all. — Pepito Sumayam, cultural worker

I fell short of my responsibilities as President. — Angely Pamila Chi, cultural worker

I wish what she would say in the Sona is the true state of the nation. She must mention the plight of the IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Mindanao and the bloody skirmishes. — Mohagher Iqbal, head, MILF negotiating panel

(That she will) focus on the economy and peace and order. — Col. Lysander Suerte, chief of staff, AFP 10th Infantry Division

I wish that she will say she will resign from her post as president of the Philippines and she will deliberately confess to being corrupt, fascist and the number one violator of human rights. If she can do all these, I think this would be the best Sona of Gloria. — Erwin Faller, faculty member, San Pedro College and Educators Forum for Development

This being my final Sona, I pledge to facilitate an honest election to assure a good turn-over of leadership. — Rev. Palpito Dumanig, pastor, United Church of Christ in the Philippines

What I want GMA to talk about in her Sona are the ways in which she can provide sufficient livelihood for workers; wages that will enable (us) to raise (our) families. That is what she should talk about. — Armand Blase, spokesperson, Kilusang Mayo Uno- Southern Mindanao Region (KMU-SMR)

Whether the people’s problems have been addressed: Genuine agrarian reform for farmers and wage increase for workers; and other social problems. These should be what she should talk about. Not lies, not Chacha. — Tony Salubre, secretary-general, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas – Southern Mindanao Region (KMP-SMR)

I hope she will talk about funds for the development of agriculture because this is what the Lumads need; instead of spending government money on war. Withdrawal of military troops from the hinterlands. How will the Lumads be able to till their lands if they live in fear that they might be shot by government soldiers and wrongly accused as enemies? Military presence in the hinterlands is indeed disturbing to the Lumads. Soldiers have gruesome records for human rights violations. Gloria should also talk about putting a stop to mining in her Sona. — Dulphing Ogan, secretary general, Kalumaran (Mindanao Alliance of Indigenous Peoples)

“We wish that Arroyo will deliver the true state of the nation. We wish that she will declare in her last year that she would re-channel government’s priorities to social services, such as, housing, education and health, rather than in debt payment and defense.” — Franchie Buhayan, secretary-general, Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay-SMR)

We believe that Gloria is not capable of granting any wish. Wishing for Gloria to do something is a waste of time. — Sheena Duazo, spokesperson, Anakbayan-Southern Mindanao

Gloria should address the issue of petroleum. We wish she would talk about the need to approve pending bills that will help improve the lives of drivers, including House Bill 1724, which seeks to repeal the oil deregulation law and HB 1126 or the Price Control Act. — Edil Gonzaga, spokesperson, Transport of Southern Mindanao for Solidarity, Independence and Nationalism – Piston (Transmision-Piston)

There is nothing to wish for in Glorias Sona. We know shell only be lying, anyway. We have witnessed what she has done. She does everything to extend her stay in power. She does not serve the needs of the majority. She wants to stay in power at the expense of victimizing innocent civilians. –Evangeline Pitao, spokesperson, Hustisya (Victims of Arroyo Regime United for Justice-SMR)

A report on what she has done for Mindanao; not only on infrastructures but also on social services and the peace initiatives. To say with finality that there will be an election so that the businessmen will know. — Joji Ilagan-Bian, chairperson, Joji Ilagan Foundation; president, Philippine Call Centers Alliance and Mindanao Technical Vocational Schools Association

(That she will say) No Charter Change will happen under her administration. — Keith Bacongco, photo editor, AKP Images

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