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DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Private sector-led Davao Tourism Association (DATA) urged on Monday that to further boost the city’s tourism industry, all the stakeholders and tourism-related business should have an aligned tourism scheme.

Renato “Gatchi” Gatchalian, DATA President, said tourism players need one guiding vision to enable them to harmonize their efforts in the city.

“We do our things on our own. But we have to be guided with one plan or one vision that we want to realize altogether,” Gatchalian told a press conference on Monday, September 4.

Gatchalian stressed that they are hopeful that through the launching of the first Davao Turismo Conference (TCON) on September 22, the issues concerning the industry will be addressed.

TCON aims to gather and unite tourism stakeholders in Davao City to assess the current status of the industry and come up with programs and plans to enhance it.

Cherry Faye Al-ag, Davao Wellness and Spa Association (Davwell) president, said that the business establishments in the city shall also benefit from the proposed Davao tourism plan since they can also align their marketing plan with it.

The upcoming event also highlights the six-point Davao Turismo Agenda, to which marketing, product development, service, training, government relations and industry support will be further discussed by the tourism stakeholders. (

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