Business group sees increase in investments in Davao City

Jun. 13, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Citing the good business environment that Davao City has been showing in the past years, a business group is seeing the possibility of the rise of the number of investments in the city.

Speaking before the media, Ichido Miyake, president of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Mindanao said more Japanese companies are now considering in pouring of more capital and investments in Davao City given the very good business environment in the area.

Miyake said Japanese businessmen are seeing good investments in the field of Information Technology (IT), agriculture, tourism and real estate in Davao City.

He added that more than 40 Japanese businessmen recently expressed their interest and confirmed to join the upcoming Davao Investment Conference (Davao ICon) this month.

“People from these different sectors are the potential people who are really interested in investing to Davao City,” Miyake said.

Miyake also told reporters that his group is also inviting more business ventures in Davao City that will focus on manufacturing and agriculture particularly in coffee, cacao, and coconut.

He said that such agricultural products are the “major products that our government is now trying to sell.”

Miyake also mentioned that IT and BPO are other promising sectors in Mindanao.

The chamber is also helping promote Davao City as a safe place for investments in the country, he added.

Miyake and his group of businessmen joined the Japanese Consulate during the commemoration of 121st Independence Day last June 12 in Davao City.

“Here in Mindanao, the number of Japanese companies coming in is still small but we see a lot of potential investors now and they are asking for business potentials in Davao City. As the Japanese chamber, we are now talking to Japanese investors that Davao City is very safe and promising for Japanese companies,” Miyake said.

He, however, admitted that the declaration of martial law has also created a negative notion to Japanese businessmen.

“Actually, after martial law, the Japanese people felt safer than before. But, this has its share of negative impact. With its name as martial law, the people in Japan will think Mindanao is dangerous,” Miyake said. (

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