DAVAO CITY, Philippines – With almost ​P5 billion ​in ​collection since the start of the year, ​the figure could well be the city’s ​biggest ​revenue​ collection ​ in the City Treasure’s Office’s (CTO) history.

Bella Linda Tanjil of the CTO ​disclosed the summary collection ​as of June 27 to have already totaled to a whopping P4,866,511,586.78​. Sixty-two percent of ​this amount was the tax collected ​in the second quarter.

Th​e collection for the fi​r​s​t​ ​semester alone already cover​ed​ more than half of 2017’s overall collection ​reaching ​P7,182,429,721.87 and 2016’s revenues of P6,284,215,375.24.

Tanjil​ said ​the ​increase in city revenue c​ould ​be credited to the increased awareness of taxpayers in their quarterly responsibilities as well as the efficiency of other departments in imposing fines against violators and offenders of the city’s laws and regulations.

Tanjil told the media that remaining collectibles of tax ​wa​s only 38​ percent​ and unlike ​the ​previous years, the office has been receiving greater cooperation from the citizens, particularly the business sector in the city.

​Of the collections of the first half of this year, ​67​ percent​ was contributed by real property tax and business tax​ from ​industries identified by the C​TO ​as ​”​great influencers​”​ in the Davao City’s economic rise.

Tanjil also ​disclosed of confiscations of ​s​u​b​standardized vending equipment such as malfunctioning weighing scales commonly spotted in public markets.

“We conduct regular inspections in market places but when people see us, they (vendors) hide their old scales and show us the calibrated ones,” Tanjil ​said​.

The CTO ​said it would continue its crackdown ​on cheat scales in market places.(davaotoday.com)

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