DTI rolls out price watch application to monitor market prices   

May. 31, 2017

DTI XI Trade and Industry Specialist, Dexter P. Bermudez, Sr. demonstrates how the DTI application, “e-Presyo” can be accessed and used by the public, in a press conference held at the Habi at Kape, May 31.

DAVAO CITY, Philippines –The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) introduced a new application to help the public monitor prices of necessities in the market.

Dubbed as “e-Presyo”, the application aims to guide the consumers in checking Suggested Retail Prices (SRPs) and prevailing prices of all basic commodities being monitored by the department.

DTI Officer-in-Charge of Davao City Robert W. Barlis encouraged the public to use the application so that they themselves can monitor prices and as well as report to authorities if there are violators.

“Anyone who has an android phone can download the application. The application shows nationwide prices of commodities including regional, municipal and on the cities,” Barlis said in a press conference, on May 31.

DTI XI Trade and Industry Specialist, Dexter P. Bermudez demonstrated how the application can be used and said that the application is free to download and is easy to use.

Using any android phone, “DTI e-Presyo” can be uploaded from Play Store or go to DTI website, www.dti.gov.ph to access the app.

Barlis said that the application will greatly help the monitoring process especially that “price freeze” on basic necessities will be implemented in Mindanao due to the declaration of Martial law.

Pursuant to Section 6 of the Republic Act 7581 or the “Price Act”, prices of basic necessities in an area proclaimed or declared under Martial Law shall be automatically frozen at their prevailing prices or placed under automatic price control.

“Based on the declaration, the prevailing prices will automatically become price sealing for sixty days after the declaration. That means all establishments in Mindanao are supposed to maintain prices that have been set by DTI,” Barlis said.

Barlis said that the price freeze will only cover the regular brands. Thus, pricing of premium brands will not be affected.

“Regarding the prevailing prices, we have just come up with the consolidated price monitoring data for Davao City for the whole month of May. The monitoring of price freeze will be after we send out the prevailing prices which will be its basis,” he said.

Barlis said that based on the guidelines of DTI, instead of the weekly monitoring for regular basis, it will now be daily monitoring.

According to Barlis, items under DTI are only basic necessities which refer to “goods vital to the needs of consumers for their sustenance as such. This includes canned goods, processed milk, coffee refill, laundry soaps, bread, candles, iodized salt, instant noodles, and bottled water. Other commodities fall to other implementing agencies namely: Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Energy (DOE). (davaotoday.com)

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