USEP to open ‘Juris Doctor’ program in 2019

Dec. 10, 2018

University of Southeastern Philippines

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The state-run University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) is set to open a Bachelor of Law program come 2019, a school official announced on Monday.

Dr. Bonifacio Gabales, USeP vice president for planning, quality assurance and resource management, said the program aims to capture and produce graduates with unique traits and characters that are inclined to serve back to the community.

The USeP, while preparing for its 40th anniversary, is gearing to become a research university, according to Gabales. He added that the university’s law program that will be offered next year will also be a major component of the program for purposes of research and data analytics.

“The USeP is looking as well into sustaining its track record of producing top-notchers and quality graduates, in the new program the university will be offering,” Gabales.

The university, according to Gabales, would like to produce lawyers “who have the capacity to challenge existing practices and policies.”

Gabales said that they submitted the necessary documents to the Legal Education Board (LEB) which is scheduled to have ocular visit on January.

Gabales is also the chairman of the committee who crafted the university’s Bachelor of Law Program.

The law school building in its Obrero Campus is currently under construction. Gabales said they already had the list of lawyers committed to serve as the faculty in the USeP law school.

The dean of the law program, whose identity has not yet been revealed, is said to be a human rights lawyer coming from Cebu. He also got his masteral degree in University of Hong Kong, according to Gabales.

“We’ll be hiring the best. These are well-known lawyers,” Gabales said.

Meanwhile, Gabales said, for its first batch, the USeP law school will be taking in 60 students.

The USeP is still waiting for the approval of LEB before announcing admission requirements.

USeP’s Bachelor of Law program is not part of the free education law, but Gabales assured that it will be much lower compared to other private law schools today. (

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